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Our central divisions are a driving force behind adesso's growth. As internal service providers, they cover a wide range of tasks - from back-office support and financial services to human resources management and corporate communications. This versatility makes our central divisions a magnet for professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

In our central divisions, you have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment that continuously drives the expansion and further development of adesso. Regardless of your professional orientation, our central divisions offer exciting prospects and room for personal growth.

Proposal Management

Our proposal management team helps our other teams to optimise the quotes that are created for potential new clients and for existing clients. The proposal management team, which processes around 2,000 quotations each year, uses its internal expertise to ensure that we offer our clients the best possible services. They provide quality assurance and hands-on support during the quotation process. They do this by working together with the sales team to create quotation strategies and competitor analysis. The proposal management team turns quotations into persuasive sales documents that help the client to identify the value of what is being offered.

Human Resources Management

Our human resources management team provides our employees and managers with advice and support regarding operational and personal matters. In order to attract the right people to adesso, we are very active in the area of recruitment. This includes advertising at higher education institutions, HR marketing, candidate management and active sourcing. Our human resources management team also looks after the professional development and ongoing training of our employees while also ensuring that their salary payments are made!

Corporate Communications

Our corporate communications and marketing teams tackle a mixture of tasks in the areas of marketing, graphic design and public relations. This communication is aimed at influencers and the general public. These teams manage our social media marketing. They also decide which information is important for internal communications and which information should be circulated externally via press releases. Their work also involves corporate design and other activities that are creative in nature.


Our finance team is an internal business service provider. It provides support with reporting, cost calculations and the commercial processing and monitoring of our projects. This support facilitates the goal-focussed and results-oriented management of the company. The finance team also handles the processing, valuation and invoicing of projects while also looking after accounts payable/receivable, the dunning process and travel expense accounting. Furthermore, our financial experts are responsible for separate financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Handelsgesetzbuch (German Commercial Code) and consolidated financial statements in accordance with the IFRS as well as tax returns and statistical reports.

IT operations

Our IT operations team undertakes all tasks relating to IT provision within the adesso Group. All adessi are automatically customers and the IT operations team provides them with everything they need for their day-to-day work. This begins with a smartphone and extends to include provisions such as project space in the extranet and virtual machines for test purposes. At the same time, the service management offered by the IT operations team provides support with any administrative issues relating to commissioning, performance testing and auditing as well as with project-related change management.

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