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Family-related offerings

Family as an integral part of our corporate culture

Our family is our anchor, our refuge, our support in all of life’s situations. It’s what defines us as human beings. At the same time, our employees are what make adesso what it is: a successful team. We want to grow and develop together.

Our goal is to unite these two worlds – family and working life – and bring them into perfect balance.

Therefore, we to do our best try to assist our employees by providing a variety of different offers. A child/family-friendly programme during festivities, our holiday childcare service, our partnerships with nurseries, the parent/child office and various family-friendly regulations regarding labour law have long been a natural part of our adesso culture. Our familysupport[4]adessi programme provides our employees with individual counselling regarding childcare and caring for relatives in need and includes a service hotline for family emergencies.

Since we introduced the program, we’ve not only been growing as a company, family@adesso is also constantly expanding and improving.

We’ve already accomplished a lot up to now: threw colourful parties with tiny guests, welcomed visitors of all ages to our offices, provided the necessary support for a wide variety of life situations, found many different ways to look after the adesso kids and much more.

>> Anyone who’s a parent is well acquainted with the fact that there are unfortunately always childcare emergencies. The parent/child office here at adesso is a great help in these situations and provides a bit of security.
It’s a large office with room to work – and yet lovingly furnished to appeal to children. My children felt right at home.

Dominik Röpcke-Sichelschmidt | Senior HR Manager

Dominik Röpcke-Sichelschmidt

The benefits at a glance

Certain phases of life require special regulations! The offer for temporary regional part-time work is intended to give parents the opportunity to better reconcile the project business with phases of life in which their own family is more in focus.

When it comes down to ‘just being there more’, we want to give young families the opportunity to share the responsibility of caring for their children and not shoulder the burden alone. We’re aware that this can only be guaranteed in transitional phases if you’re able to easily plan when and where you work. And that’s exactly the aim of the regional part-time offer.

Should the childminder be ill or the nursery be on strike, parent/child offices are available for adessi at adesso’s locations. In spontaneous childcare emergencies, employees can bring their children to adesso and use the office. As an alternative to the classic parent/child office, what are called ‘kids’ boxes’ can be found at many of our locations. These kids’ boxes serve as a mobile solution. The box is rolled into the workspace and instantly turns it into a parent/child office. The kids are given age-appropriate activities to do and the parents are naturally given a fully equipped workspace. The locations are also equipped with the most important amenities for children. From highchairs to children’s cutlery to changing mats, adesso says ‘kids welcome!’.

Eltern-Kind Büro

We don’t just share the high points with our adessi, we also share the difficult stages of life, and we want to master them together. Nurseries closed? Request for care denied? If adessi really get stuck, help is just a phone call away. familysupport[4]adessi offers our employees the support they need in family emergency situations.

Our partnerships with nurseries are intended to make it easier for employees to secure a place for their children to be taken care of. We try to find partners at these locations that meet our quality criteria, have a large number of nursery facilities on-site and, ideally, work with different pedagogical focuses. The aim is to offer an appropriate selection that hopefully enables adessi to choose a nursery that meets their respective expectations.

adesso pays an additional allowance of a maximum of €50 gross per month per child towards childcare costs. The allowance is paid for services for the placement and care of children who are too young to attend school and are left with childminders, in nurseries or in comparable institutions, including accommodation and meals.

At some locations, adesso offers holiday childcare during the summer holidays: our varied, age-appropriate programme means adessi can rest assured that their kids are well looked after for a few weeks. Fun, games and adventure are guaranteed, and the little adessini are always absolutely thrilled to be there. This means that parents can devote themselves to their work with peace of mind while their kids enjoy the summer on the ropes course.

There’s never a dull moment for our employees’ kids on our portal! Creative craft instructions, delicious recipes, interesting news and the new high score on Tetris are some of the things that await our adessini. There are regular activities and events for the youngsters and, of course, there’s no shortage of little surprise gifts in the post box for special occasions!

Since bureaucracy is the last thing you need in difficult family situations, adesso offers unpaid leave in case of emergency. It can happen unexpectedly that you’re needed to care for or look after your family at home. Your annual leave may then already be used up, and the application to take caregiver leave or family care leave could take too long. It’s equally understandable if, in a given situation, you don’t have the head for dealing with the legal regulations of these leave models. Because when you have an urgent family matter to attend to, it’s all about being there immediately and without complications.

Our employees’ children are of course always welcome at our celebrations. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree or the summer party children’s programme, everyone is welcome!

Parents can take leave for a maximum of ten days per year to care for children younger than 12 years old. According to law, the resulting loss of earnings up to 90 per cent of the net salary is covered by the employee’s health insurance. This regulation is irrelevant for adessi, as we minimise the bureaucratic and financial effort: should your child fall ill, adesso pays this remuneration in full for up to ten days per year per parent.

And since there are also illnesses that make parents uncomfortable with leaving children at home alone even when they’re older than 12 years old, adesso now offers leave of absence for children up to their fourteenth birthday.

We have various entry models for making parental leave and the return to working life as pleasant as possible for our adessi. In doing so, we break the mould and believe in individual work models that adapt to our employees’ needs.

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