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What ensures sustainable innovation?

How things used to be

The IT service paradigm ‘plan – build – deliver’ is increasingly less likely to ensure that digital solutions can be sustainably anchored in an organisation. Customers from the past were often able to identify clearly and completely what they expected from a solution and what requirements were associated with it. Today, orientation is needed when it comes to the results expected for your own business, and the ability to implement is put to the test. In addition, an early understanding of the technical and organisational implications must be established. Particularly in VUCA times, understanding the business impact, the need for change dynamics and the personal consequences are often underestimated driving forces that inspire affected individuals to engage in change.

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Then transformation comes into play

Our adesso transformation projects show that knowledge of the accepted culture and managing commitment and understanding about the interrelationships are crucial for designing effective steps. In addition, adesso uses holistic control processes from digital design, change management and agility to quickly transfer concepts to the stage of implementation and integration. Depending on the knowledge maturity of the transformation, we take into account the following tasks:

1) Understand challenge and motive
2) Identify personal benefits
3) Plan deployment and introduction
4) Accompany implementation and intervention
5) Evaluate progress of change and ensure stabilisation
6) Control change process

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The situation today

We know that a vibrant culture is necessary to integrate innovative ideas suitably into everyday life. Our adesso Innovation Checks recommend the type of change dynamics and the interdisciplinary diversity profile of decision-makers, stakeholders and team members. Early in the design process, prototypes support the process of imagining future experience. In addition, we use individual dialogue and communication formats that promote understanding and commitment among those involved. They enable the planning of measures for deployment and the introduction of new digital solutions. This includes the technical onboarding of the employees concerned – accompanied by effective educational formats such as training or guide communities. The controlled piloting of the new usage scenarios along the real conditions enables step-by-step testing in the sense of a learning organisation. Introductory communication such as landing pages and image films for branding provide orientation for the organisation.

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‘Piloting confirms that the new work methods allow the team to gain a common vision of future sales and distribution. In the digital team room, paths are shorter, diversity is easier to handle, liabilities are clearer, new colleagues are able to get on board faster – it’s great!’
Troy Briggs, Head of Field Sales Department, Barmenia Versicherungen

Successful projects – satisfied customers

We have helped companies and organisations from different sectors and areas in various projects to successfully master their innovation projects.

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