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Work with adesso to create high-conversion customer journeys

Customer experiences do not take into account organisational and technical silos within a company. They are based on consistent data that spans all company departments and contact channels.

With its Customer Data Hub (CDH), adesso has created a reference model that lays the foundation for your high-conversion customer journey – step by step. It combines identities and profiles of your customers, their preferences and consents, as well as integrated, harmonised and validated data from all relevant sources. In the next step, the CDH is enriched with scores and next best actions that are then operationalised and activated across channels.

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An overview of our solutions

Use your data efficiently and intelligently and create consistent omnichannel experiences for your customers – we can assist you

Customer Data Hub

The Customer Data Hub (CDH) allows you to independently manage the 360° profiles of your customers. Create a consistent customer experience across all channels, manage your data actively and continuously improve data quality.

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Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to bring together fragmented data from different sources in one organised, central location. This gives you a more detailed understanding of your customers’ activities, enabling you to better predict their behaviour and offer personalised content in real time.

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Blog post: How to perfect omnichannel marketing with the SAP Customer Data Platform

Introducing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is one of the most important projects of the year for many marketers. According to adesso’s current CX study, which interviewed 373 companies, one in two companies already uses a CDP and at least 31 per cent are planning to introduce one. But why all the hype? What is so special about a CDP? And what benefits does SAP CPD offer? This blog post sheds light on the matter.

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Our technology partners

Key success criteria to ensure best-in-class solutions are strategic partnerships with technology suppliers and the certification of our solutions by major market partners. adesso works with all leading providers on the market on a basis of trust and has the highest level of certification with almost all technology partners. Benefit from the technical advancements of our partners and our excellent cooperation.

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