Shopping is becoming a sensory experience

A system that makes retail a personal and immersive experience for all the senses

How things used to be

Although both online and offline retail are important for the customer, the two channels have only been loosely or rarely connected with each other so far. As a result, retailers do not have much information about their customers, meaning they are unable to offer them the right products. This is because offers and prices are the most important things in high-street stores, where the focus is more on how products are presented rather than the product experience. This has led to the situation in which decision-makers often see modern technology such as AI as a nice gimmick, but not as crucial to the success of their company.

Then AI came along

Mixed reality allows retail to separate itself from the physical store. The technology augments the physical experience in high-street stores using virtual reality. A train journey or a layover in an airport lounge becomes a shopping experience for the customer in which AI adapts the product experience to their individual preferences and requirements. This is because every customer has a different product involvement, is at a different point in their buying decision process and is affected by different influencing factors.

An AI considers all of these factors to create a personal experience based on this information and to shorten the decision-making process.

The situation today

Online and offline retail are seamlessly connected with one another thanks to AI and augmented reality. Retailers are already aware of their customers’ requirements and wants when they enter the store. The experience as a whole and providing competent advice – instead of simply just presenting products – are the most important things in high-street stores. The meaningful application of the technology enables the shopping experience to be comprehensively tailored to the customer.

For which companies is the approach suitable?

Retail companies that offer premium or high-involvement products and for which the emotional factor plays a key role

For which decision makers is the approach interesting?

All decision-makers involved in marketing, sales or user experience

Backgrounds for the technically interested

Immersive experience, virtual reality, seamless commerce, artificial intelligence, multisensory retail, natural language processing

Do you have any questions?

Artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human discussion

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