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Sustainability initiatives can be managed more easily with the help of technologies and digital tools. For our customers, who are facing growing challenges in this area, IT thus holds great potential for shaping a future worth living. adesso supports customers and partners in their respective projects with many years of technology expertise and in-depth industry know-how.

Zurich develops Planet Hero App with adesso

Expanding their commitment to sustainability and supporting people in their own environmentally conscious actions - that was the goal of our customer, Zurich Group Germany, in developing the "Planet Hero" app. For those who want to live more sustainably, the app provides important daily impulses on how to become a climate saver in their personal environment.

In this way, the insurer is expanding its commitment to digital channels and relied on adesso for the technical implementation.

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>> The 'Planet Hero' app is the personal climate coach that accompanies step by step into a more ecologically conscious life. adesso also supports customers like Zurich in the context of their own sustainability strategy along the entire value chain. As a future-oriented company, we are continuously optimising our CO2 footprint for this purpose.

Stefan Riedel, Member of the Executive Board at adesso

Stefan Riedel

With ZeroC to CO2-neutral real estate

urban energy, a company of the adesso Group, focuses on intelligent CO2 and energy management. With ZeroC, an intuitive software solution for real estate operators and companies, all energy values can be recorded and visualised in real time. With regular reports on the CO2 balance, legal norms and standards can be complied with, and transparency and trust towards customers and employees can be created. By the end of 2022, urban energy will map the offices of adesso SE with ZeroC and in this way support us in our goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the long term.

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Green Cloud - the solution without negative impact on climate protection?

In our podcast format IT-Tacheles, experts discuss everything that moves the IT world. Of course, the topic of the green cloud also comes up. In this episode, Pascal Reddig, Competence Center Manager Google Cloud at adesso, talks to Business Developer Manuela Schwarze about this trendy topic. Whether through Spotify, Lieferando or Sharepoint - many of the services we use every day today are cloud services. The problem with them? They consume a lot of energy. Experts even predict that by 2030 we will need 20 to 30 percent of global energy for these services. Green Cloud aims to change exactly that and offer an alternative without a negative environmental impact.

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