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Reinvestment as an option in the policy holders’ customer journey

Exploiting potential in communication with customers

Reinvestment communication offers opportunities for insurers and policy holders

With the expiry of existing life or pension insurance policies, insured persons often decide to invest their money. Although some insurers contact their customers before the policy expires, they rarely take the opportunity to enter into a sales dialogue with them. In many cases, this is due to insufficient information or a lack of digital ways to contact customers in a personalised manner.

In times of low interest rates, reinvestment is an interesting option for policy holders because investing the saved capital from a life insurance policy, for example, profitably on the financial market, comes with a high risk. If, on the other hand, they invest part of the amount due to be paid out in a new insurance policy, they stand to benefit from an increased appreciation.

Customer loyalty through personalised customer journeys

A personalised approach motivates policy holders to purchase products and services. However, few insurers invest in a personalised customer journey.

Therefore, many insurers aim to inform their customers about possible reinvestment options at an early stage as part of the communication based on a personalised customer journey that allows tailored offers to be made.

What we offer

To support the reinvestment sales process, we offer a platform environment that enables insurance companies to get in touch with clients quickly and easily.

In concrete terms, we create a landing page that provides comprehensive information to the respective customer about expiry benefits and options going forward. This can include a reinvestment check as an option. All information and options for action are presented in personalized videos, and a suitable transaction module is offered to schedule appointments, for example.

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The platform solution combines all essential communication processes and enables a personalised, digital and interactive customer dialogue.

We are happy to present our reference projects for reinvestment to you and guide you through our tried and tested process for rapid implementation in your company.

Are you curious about this offer? Here, you can experience the personalised customer dialogue via our platform live.

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