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Developing a human resources app

Borusan Holding A.Ş.


The main purpose of the application is to simplify the company’s human resources and procurement processes. The app is designed to facilitate new employees’ start in the company and improve networking and the transfer of knowledge between employees. The project started on 1 February and is expected to end on 15 August, when it will go live.


The ‘Route Map’ that is integrated into the app provides new employees with relevant information about the company, other employees, management and their work environment. This feature includes a six-month programme with several stages that incorporates, among other things, small ‘tests’ in the form of quiz rounds and checklists. This ensures that continual feedback takes place between the human resources team and the individual employees. The app is to be used to facilitate communication between Borusan Holding and its employees.

Borusan Holding A.Ş. is a Turkish industrial group headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded by Asım Kocabıyık in 1944 and now operates in 11 countries over three continents. The company’s core activities include steel manufacturing, car distribution, energy generation and logistics.

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