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Technology as a decisive success factor

If existing data can be processed and used comprehensively, a consistent agent and customer orientation is possible. It is not just the issue of rights and roles that makes this journey a difficult one – sometimes, harsh reality simply stops it in its tracks. For example, customer and contract data being stored in different systems of the individual divisions, missing central classification terms, applications with limited interface capabilities and data updates that are not immediately available to all users.

Information is often incomplete in the process chain from preparation of customer and/or prospective customer meetings to claims and benefits. This often leads to additional support costs due to corresponding internal enquiries – for the agent (AO + broker), their advisers and the office staff.

Overall, customer behaviour has changed, which presents great opportunities for further developing the insurance business model in line with customer expectations. When applied correctly, technology becomes the decisive factor for success.
Jan P. Giese

Internet usage and the associated data volume are growing exponentially. This customer and intermediary movement data opens up new potential for drawing conclusions about expectations and behaviour. Sales opportunities are left untapped due to there still being widespread separation in marketing – in terms of active customer management – and sales.

A systematically structured sales architecture enables communication from and to the end customer across all channels, and in particular makes it more manageable through the optimised integration of agents. Suitable interfaces, for instance between sales management, consulting and quotation, help to support those involved and save time. Valuable customer data is given the necessary importance and is maintained and prepared in a structured manner.

The development of the sales-related technical architecture requires the integration of different units and demands patience in weighing up the different interests. adesso designs a pragmatic approach with you, which focuses on individual topics in daily workshops. The workshops create a uniform view and form the basis for your strategic orientation. Here is an example of the structure of a workshop series:

Traditional structure of the target groups and development of selected personas with the clear goal of generating an overview of the target group structures and the priorities that already exist or are required for your company.

Determining the ACTUAL and TARGET sales processes relevant for your company. Consolidating the main processes with the goal of developing uniform procedure models across all target groups.

Together, we identify the functions that currently support the sales processes. We pragmatically identify current challenges, such as performance or whether data is up to date, and identify and prioritise which gaps are to be closed.

What data do the units involved need to access to perform their daily tasks? Who has access to this data? Are manual entries required or are the processes supported by suitable interfaces? Where does the data come from? Which target group uses which applications?

Based on the results obtained, recommendations for action are formulated for a functional target architecture. The path to the target architecture is paved by the formulation of transformation stages.

When the last workshop module is completed, a package of measures from all units involved is put in place to further align the IT architecture. adesso is there to help support your company on the way to a technical sales architecture by developing a realistic development plan. Get in touch with us!

What we can offer you

adesso is your partner for the successful development of a sophisticated sales architecture that is suitable for your company. You can benefit from our industry knowledge and the expertise of our consultants and developers. adesso provides you with comprehensive and trustworthy support all the way from the determination of the technical requirements to the definition of a technical set-up plan and the appropriate evaluation of providers and solutions. Our workshop series is a pragmatic approach to effectively and sustainably address the alignment of your sales architecture.

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