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Agile onboarding

Get in the fast lane with agile methodology [

From stale to agile

Changing customer requirements, ever-fiercer competition, internal business processes: in today's world, there are so many changes to master.

Customers have become increasingly demanding and above all else, insurance firms need to put customers' needs and desires centre stage. The general rule here is that only satisfied customers are loyal customers. This is why a customer-centric approach is a fundamental keystone when it comes to keeping up with the new digital competition and maintaining – or even increasing – your market share.

At the same time, it is essential to rethink established internal processes, hierarchies, or mindsets that say 'This is how we've always done it'. These lead to protracted development processes and unnecessarily long times to market.

Our workshop for more agility

In order not to develop past the needs of your customers, the use of agile methods is a suitable procedure. adesso supports you on this path and provides you with the basic knowledge as well as good practices in agile onboarding in a workshop. In this way, your entry into agile software development is made easier. Agility is always an individual process. Therefore, our experts coordinate the contents of the workshop individually with you and include your wishes and suggestions.

A possible workshop structure could look like this and deal with these focal points, for example

The agile mindset The agile first steps From theory to practice

The agile mindset includes:

  • An overview of agile values and principles
  • Options for establishing a clear view of existing processes, checking them and adjusting them as needed
  • Introducing an open working culture through error and feedback rounds

The agile first steps include:

  • Scrum and kanban basics, and the basics of iterative software development
  • An overview of roles, artifacts and events
  • The benefits of self-organising, independent teams
  • User stories showing best practices for agile requirements management
  • Estimation methods

The final component of the workshop, "From theory to practice", includes:

  • Answering the question of why agility is important
  • Setting up a scrum or agile board

Get agile with adesso

adesso has the methodological, technological and specialist know-how to help you along the road to agility. The workshops are held by adesso experts with demonstrated practical experience in agile methods.

Our workshop offer consists primarily of interactive components. This allows us to guarantee that all participants have those key opportunities for interaction and discussion.

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