Using agile processes to optimise recruiting and onboarding

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>> Our insurance group is in the process of transforming its brand in a way that combines tradition with modernity. By re-positioning the brand and adopting a new design, VPV is taking on the challenges of our times. Whether you are talking about customer centricity, the ability to innovate, finding new ways to recruit staff or providing constant support to sales staff, the AREA recruiting and development process is at the core of our brand-centric approach. I am extremely proud of the team at VPV and the work they have done. I would also like to thank adesso for the IT and insurance expertise as well as the professional support they were able to provide.

Dietmar Stumböck|Chief Sales Officer at VPV Versicherungen


In addition to conventional job advertisements, recruiting in the insurance sector takes place on job portals, either via direct recruitment on social media or, in many cases, through employee recommendations. The problem is that using the recruiting methods described here, an emotional bond with the company and its values is often not satisfactorily created.


Adequately filling vacant positions is not easy in times where skilled workers are in short supply, something that is also being felt in the insurance industry. This gave rise to the idea of using the concept of the customer journey to attract new workers, in other words to be even more customer-centric in the recruiting process and treat applicants like customers.


VPV Versicherungen is taking a different approach to recruiting sales staff. It uses a platform and a digital messenger to reach talented sales workers and puts the focus squarely on them from day one. This all initially began as a project with the working title ‘Future Team’, going on from there to become an award-winning success in the form of the AREA Talent Journey. VPV employed innovative, agile methods to develop AREA. The centrepiece of AREA is Trust-IT-Box, a GDPR-compliant messenger service.

>> An incredibly good team dynamic developed. Of course, it was primarily about the content, but the togetherness was fascinating. Everyone was at eye level, hierarchies didn't matter.

Ingo Gregus | Director Business Development Digital Experience adesso SE

adesso services at a glance

  • Consulting, brainstorming and technical implementation of the talent journey
  • SharePoint integration
  • Implementation of Trust-IT-Box
  • Project implementation based on the Google Design Sprint method


AREA has been in operation since April 2022. As the numbers show, the work put into creating the tool have paid off.

  • 25 per cent more new employees hired
  • Roughly 300 interactions with prospective employees in the first six months after AREA was launched
  • Almost 90 per cent of candidates come for an in-person interview
  • A quarter of candidates enter into direct contract negotiations

Added to that, VPV was presented the German Brand Award 2023 in the category ‘Employer Branding Activities and Campaigns’ for its HR project ‘AREA’. For more information, see our press release adesso congratulates customers VPV Versicherungen on winning the German Brand Award 2023.

Founded in 1827 with main offices in Stuttgart and Cologne, VPV Versicherungenis a modern financial services company with more than 190 years of experience. With over 1,000 employees in the office and in the field, VPV offers its clients a full range of insurance and other services, also in collaboration with strong partners. With total assets of more than €8.2 billion, VPV is a medium-sized German insurance company.

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Ingo Gregus

Director Business Development Digital Experience adesso SE Ingo Gregus +49 231 7000-7000


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