Individual customer journeys with BSI

Customised support for health insurance policyholders

The changing healthcare market

Insured persons expect targeted support from their health insurer

Private health insurers and statutory health insurance funds must position themselves as healthcare partners, approach policyholders directly and present customised offers. Insured persons have become more active and want to help shape their treatment, for example (TI-Atlas Gematik from 2022). To do this, they need targeted support. In most cases, however, insurers lack the necessary overview of and access to existing data on insured persons. There is also a lack of technical options for sending personalised and digital offers.

In the past, processes were often developed from a system perspective. The focus was not on the user (regardless of whether they were an employee or an insured person). In contrast, user-centricity is already at the forefront of today's app development - this allows different needs to be better taken into account and processes to be optimally designed.

Customer journeys that are viewed from the end customer's perspective have an impact on internal processes. For example, policyholders today expect fast and transparent regulation and regulatory commitments. This can be made possible through more automation and improved interoperability of internal processes. Open interfaces also enable the integration of rehabilitation or prevention apps - services that are usually only available via a web portal today.

Health Partnership adesso and BSI

Added value for health insurers

As a "Preferred Partner", adesso is one of BSI's most important partners when it comes to digitalisation projects for private health insurers and statutory health insurance companies. In contrast to other sectors, BSI has opted for a preferred service provider in the health sector with whom joint projects are implemented.

BSI's software expertise and adesso's product solutions paired with technological know-how offer you great added value: projects such as the connection of a policy management system, a web portal or an app are carried out smoothly and from a single source. From customer contact to customer acquisition and relationship management, automated processes make your customer relationship management easier and help you to maximise customer satisfaction.

With adesso, we have a strong partner at our side to convince insurance companies that customer centricity, an overview of all data and access to the really relevant information are essential in order to address policyholders directly and specifically. Together we want to advance technological innovations and make them the standard for insurance companies.

Fabio Cadalbert | Community Manager Health, BSI Business Systems Integration AG

BSI Customer Suite

Quick start with health-specific layers

With the BSI Customer Suite, BSI offers a state-of-the-art software solution that stands for a high level of user-friendliness, security and scalability. Together with adesso's many years of experience in the areas of integration and process management of healthcare solutions, you benefit from the comprehensive expertise of both IT service providers. The benefits include optimising workflows, increasing data integrity and improving decision-making. This gives you a precise view of your customers' data.

We are also working on a market-ready solution for a health-specific layer. With a ready-made data model, processes and KPIs, we have a solution ready that both private health insurers and statutory health insurers can use to get started quickly. The following functionalities are included in the processes as standard:

  • Convenient daily sickness allowance (KT) increases via app, web portal or email including signature with just a few clicks
  • Survey of insured persons and use of the results for cross-selling offers and profiling
  • Review of treatment and cost plans with artificial intelligence, including direct feedback based on this (by email)
  • Use of wearable information in conjunction with loyalty and preventive programmes
  • Customer and benefit-orientated complaints management

Our offer

In a two-day workshop, we work with you to develop your target image and how you can optimally map and implement your marketing, sales and service processes in your BSI solution. We will then be happy to prepare an offer for the implementation.

In addition to product solutions, with BSI we also create customised solutions according to requirements as well as prefabricated data models, processes and key figures that enable private health insurers and statutory health insurance funds to access the market quickly.

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