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Rheinbahn AG is a mobility service provider in Düsseldorf, capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the largest transport company operating underground trains, trams and bus services in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr public transport network. Every working day, Rheinbahn transports around 720,000 people in its trains, trams and buses across a network of 3,180 stops. Rheinbahn AG employs around 2,700 people, making it one of the largest employers in the region.


The company’s website is one of its key communication tools for winning new customers and retaining existing ones. However, its existing website no longer met customer requirements and thus needed an overhaul of its design, content and technology. While needing a complete overhaul, the website also needed to be built using Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 platform, due to strategic considerations. Rheinbahn AG already had an intranet based on this technology from Microsoft, so using SharePoint to rebuild the website was the next logical step towards consolidating the company’s different systems.


adesso developed a large number of modules and extensions for the standard SharePoint system in order to provide certain special functions. These include a digital timetable, a large number of visual elements, an events calendar, a FAQ section, a download centre and a wide range of other modules. adesso also created a link to ‘Rheinbahn Verkehrsinfo’. This is a central information service with several input and output channels that are used to inform customers about changes made to the regular transport services or to provide other information. Connecting to this system enables the customer to access general information about transport services or request their own customised notifications about disruptions on certain routes.

In addition to these modules visible to the customers, adesso also developed numerous functions to support the process of editing the website. The website needed a dedicated authorisation and approval system as well as a system for automating frequently repeated tasks. To meet these requirements, adesso developed mechanisms that help the editors when transferring larger files (such as individual timetables in PDF format). The mechanisms also automatically save the necessary meta data relating to the documents. The editing process was also simplified considerably by the fact that information is now published simultaneously in a number of different sub-sections of the Internet portal. The system was given a modular structure that allows new requirements and functions to be integrated at any time.

Extensive information and services relating to public transport in Hamburg are now also available to Hamburger Verkehrsverbund passengers on their mobile phones in a form optimised for those devices. The response has been tremendous. Shortly after launching its mobile portal, HVV received over 200,000 unique visitors to its mobile pages each month.

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