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We provide the right digital solutions behind the scenes

Cut a good figure off the court too

The performance of sportsmen and women is the top priority for every club or association. The core business of sport takes place in stadiums, sports halls, tracks or similar venues. adesso’s digital solutions help the team behind the athletes create the best possible conditions. At the same time, we also occupy the space between sports organisations and service providers in order to implement individual solutions and smoothly integrate new products into existing ecosystems.

Scouting and video analysis, transfer decisions

  • Our data science experts help you to find a successful strategy for using artificial intelligence. Using maturity analyses and technology consulting, we develop specific application scenarios with AI potential in your teams, identify profitable use cases and analyse them. We deepen your employees’ skills through workshops – on topics such as data literacy, MLOps, machine learning, neural networks and programming.
  • Personnel support with big data analyses.
  • Development of a strategy for use of artificial intelligence and selection of suitable application scenarios with AI potential.

Training and workload control

  • Data lake

Team management

  • Development of “CRM System for Player Relations” app

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We take you on an exciting journey through the world of sports and report on technologies, methods and topics that move the sports industry:

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