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Everyone has seen a bofrost* sales vehicle driving through the streets – and not just in Germany. bofrost* is active in twelve European countries and supplies more than four million households with ice cream and frozen specialities.

For many customers, getting the best customer service possible is vital. On its path to the digital transformation, bofrost* has gone above and beyond to offer customers an outstanding customer experience not only at their front door, but also online. bofrost* quickly recognised that data silos and loose records are no longer in keeping with the times and, together with adesso, set out to build an excellent omnichannel customer service.

The challenge

There are many aspects to customer service, and it has a major impact on customer loyalty. At the same time, the right technology can make the work of bofrost* employees much easier, thus transforming it into an asset for the bofrost* service and marketing team.

While using shared Outlook mailboxes for incoming service requests and individually maintained Excel spreadsheets is still part of everyday life in many companies, bofrost* has recognised that a positive customer experience must come first. That is why it implemented fundamental optimisation measures in close coordination and collaboration with adesso.

The solution

bofrost* has been supplying its customers with frozen products since 1966. By perfecting this concept, bofrost* has gained a competitive edge in the form of meeting their customers in person at their front doors and turning it into a special experience for them. Many sales drivers have known their customers for years. The point-of-sale app developed together with adesso also enables them to instantly retrieve their customers’ order histories containing all the information about their preferences. This assists the drivers in providing their customers with tailored consultancy at their front doors, which has always been the focus at bofrost*.

In order to also offer customers the best possible customer experience when they send digital service requests, bofrost* has opted for the Service Cloud from Salesforce. Service representatives can use the Service Cloud to see which of their colleagues processed a customer transaction and can assign transactions to one another. In addition, they can also view a customer’s contact history. For customers, this means that service requests can be answered quickly while factoring in their order history at the same time. The omnichannel strategy bofrost* is pursuing means the gateway is not limited to just one channel. Instead, the information converges at bofrost* and the customer can contact bofrost* with service requests on site, online or by phone. The CRM also forms the basis for providing new and existing customers with support via e-mail.

The result

bofrost* benefits from higher customer satisfaction, and customers receive outstanding service.

In addition, new customers are welcomed to bofrost* with a special welcome greeting and differentiated e-mails. Existing customers can look forward to a personal approach. Sending e-mails and targeting customers and their preferences is a customer-friendly service experience that leads to greater customer retention and thus even greater loyalty to bofrost*. At the same time, the processes in the bofrost* service team have become clearer and more efficient – across all channels.

We found adesso to be an extremely professional, trustworthy and reliable partner during our project to introduce Salesforce at bofrost*. They brought a high level of knowledge and expertise throughout the project, and we were able to benefit from their vast amount of experience.
Yvonne Reinke l CRM Group Manager l bofrost*

Since its foundation in 1966, bofrost* has become the market leader in the direct sale of ice cream and frozen specialities in Europe. The family-owned company is headquartered in Straelen, Germany and has over four million customers in twelve European countries.

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