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Digital Readiness Check

‘Digital mastery’ as a strategic framework for a successful digital transformation

In line with your digital vision

Prepare your company for the digital revolution. Our concept of ‘digital mastery’ offers you a digital strategy plus the advice your company needs to achieve a successful digital transformation.

Would you like to make the most of digitalisation by using it as an opportunity to reorient your company? Our experts will be happy to support you in doing so – after all, digital transformation isn’t something that companies can simply make up as they go along. There’s much more to it than just designing a new project or founding a new department. Instead, it raises fundamental questions about your corporate orientation and opens up opportunities for treading new paths. In order to make it easier for you to navigate this process, we have developed the concept of digital mastery with a tried-and-tested and scientifically backed assessment you can use to investigate your level of maturity when it comes to digitalisation.

The result is an accurate assessment of the status quo, which can be used to determine tailor-made processes for achieving and implementing your digital vision.

Digital transformation - We simply make it happen

Download the white paper ‘Digital transformation – we make it simple!’ today. Learn more about how other experts have handled the tasks and challenges faced by companies in the digital age.

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Digital transformation ist more tahn "just" technology

A common problem that arises when designing a digital transformation is that technological issues often take centre stage. Strategic and organisational matters are usually put on the back burner. However, these issues are extremely important. We refer to this as ‘digital management expertise’.

Alongside technical issues, we can also analyse, optimise and develop your overall digitalisation vision and strategy. Our experts will also ensure that your employees are involved in these processes and create clear management structures to guarantee the success of your digital transformation.

Our initial service includes a quick check to determine your level of digital maturity, recommendations for your transformation plan and an online self-assessment.

On request, we can also offer you further services as part of a follow-up project:
  • Change management due to discrepancies between your self-image and external image.
  • Implementation of a series of interaction room workshops with core topics that include customer experience, automation, BI, adapting business models and developing a vision and strategy.
  • Organisational consultation for establishing management structures.
  • Designing a unique digital workplace for employee involvement and interlinking.

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