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The adesso Health Stack support you in regulatory challenges

Regulation can be painful, but it is necessary. We make it easier for you! The components of the adesso Health Stack meet all the requirements for security, medical devices and digital health apps. Use these components to quickly develop your health app, medical device or digital health app.

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Identity and access management manages the identities of all your user groups and enables you to authenticate using standard protocols such as OAuth2.0 and Open-ID Connect (OIDC).

The adesso Health Stack stores data in a secure cloud infrastructure, encrypted, separated (medical data/identifying data) and without personal reference, in compliance with the GDPR and the German Digital Health Applications Ordinance (Digitale-Gesundheitsanwendungen-Verordnung, DiGAV).

Data managed by the Health Stack can be integrated into further processing operations, exported and made accessible in an interoperable way via standardised formats based on HL7-FHIR.

You use the integrated content management system (CMS) to manage your content, such as questionnaires, images, articles or other media content. In addition, the CMS allows you to create questionnaires based on the interoperable FHIR standard. This allows users’ responses to be stored in an interoperable format and shared with health professionals for use in further therapy.

If you already use a CMS, it can also be easily integrated or connected to our adesso Health Stack.

Specifically for digital health apps in Germany, the billing module for digital health apps validates digital health app prescription codes and triggers further billing processes. This is where the digital health app codes are processed. It includes the external interface in accordance with the SHI data exchange specification.

If you do not want to deal with insurance billing issues or you want to receive payment faster than in four weeks, opt for our Billing Plus module. Choose a billing partner and save yourself the hassle of managing your invoices yourself.

Protocolling and logging read and write accesses are important requirements within the framework of the MDR and DiGAV. The adesso Health Stack provides you the means to do so.

Environments are normally created and configured by clients of the Health Stack. In the context of digital health apps, for example, a client is the provider and/or developer of a digital health app and uses the Health Stack as a platform for storing and retrieving data. For instance, a client can create two or more environments based on a patient classification or simply for the purpose of separating the study group from ‘normal’ patients. The study group configuration could include an additional processing path for medical data which is anonymised and transmitted to an electronic data capture (EDC) system.

The adesso Health Stack can be operated on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. Multi-cloud scenarios can be implemented, too. For on-premises solutions, hosting can also be done in adesso data centres.

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