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Technical solutions for selling insurance policies in banks

How to create powerful synergy

Banks and insurance providers need well-coordinated consulting systems in branches and on digital channels if they want to work together. Digital technologies and customised offers give insurance providers and banks the opportunity to close any remaining gaps in their synergy. In recent years, sales departments at insurance providers and banks have faced an increasing number of challenges such as branches closing and a growing number of regulations such as IDD and GDPR. The solution to these challenges is intelligent, end-to-end solutions that are automated to the greatest extent possible. Integrated and digital approaches can also help build and continuously update expertise within the bank. This eliminates the need for training for consultants, which is a major expense.

adesso can help overcome these challenges with a variety of ready-made solution modules that are tailored precisely to bancassurance sales. These include:

  • Complementing and optimising sales processes through digital application routes to online policy conclusion based on neuromarketing approaches with demonstrable improvements in success
  • Building and development of customer portals and their technical integration including out-of-the-box communication solutions to improve portal use
  • Ready-made and field-tested campaign and solution modules for a variety of sales and communication channels on topics such as reinvestment, obtaining electronic advertising consent, deposit fees or lead generation
  • Campaign platform for a fast and cross-channel rollout of ready-made modules for addressing existing customers – simple, with targeted reporting options and data separation in compliance with GDPR
  • Development and integration of online seminars in the consultants’ workplaces to improve professional expertise at the workplace in branches
  • Support in the combined development of custom-fit products that combine banking offerings with insurance

What we offer

In an initial workshop, we will show you which starting points and building blocks we have to choose from in the bancassurance environment and how we implement them in practice.

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