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Data-driven innovation

Artificial intelligence influences the business of banks at all levels

Intelligent automation in banking

The current market is more challenging than ever for banks – from low interest rates and digitalisation to extensive regulatory requirements. The use of intelligent automation solutions is a key factor in dealing with these issues. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help reduce the number of repetitive, manual tasks, analyse large databases and employ pattern recognition as well as provide assistance during the consulting process.

Our solutions along your value chain

Where today you might rely on your gut feeling or do the task by hand instead of using data, intelligent technologies allow you to leverage potential throughout your value chain.

From product development, marketing and sales and transaction processing to risk management and controlling as well as customer management, we demonstrate real-life scenarios for the use of intelligent automation based on AI:

  • Product development - Automation of product information
  • Marketing - Chatbots and personalised address
  • Sales - Next best offer/next best action
  • Risk management and control - Financial transaction monitoring and fraud detection
  • Customer management - Detection and prevention of customer churn
  • Transaction processing - Text extraction
  • Financial transactions - rethinking existing verification systems
  • AI - NBO - Using AI to predict customer behaviour

Automation of product information

Product development

A product information automation solution revolutionises the process of data capture and management. Using advanced technologies, you can capture, update and publish your product information efficiently and error-free. Benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of our product information automation.

Chatbots and personalisation in addressing


Chatbots offer an effective way to improve personalisation in the customer approach. By using artificial intelligence, chatbots can respond individually to the needs and preferences of users. Together with you, we develop a chatbot solution tailored to your needs.

Next Best Offer / Next Best Action


Knowing the future needs of bank customers is important in order to align products, services and services accordingly. It is important to identify the right customer approach at the right time and to combine it with a customised service offering. Together with you, we develop a next-best-action/offer approach.

Process unstructured information correctly

Transaction processing

Banks often receive documents in incomplete digital form. Extracting the information and putting it in the right place in the process causes a lot of manual effort, delays processing and is prone to errors. This is where modern machine learning algorithms come into play. Together with you, we adapt the solution to your individual needs.

Financial transaction monitoring and fraud detection

Risk management and control

Monitoring financial transactions and detecting fraud are central aspects of modern finance. To meet these challenges, it is important to rethink control systems and use innovative approaches. Our solution is based on an implementation framework that ensures regulatory and legal requirements.

Detection and avoidance of customer churn

Customer management

Recognising and avoiding customer churn is of great importance for companies, as this loss can lead to revenue losses. Together with you, we develop architecture and technology recommendations and show which fields of action companies should address on their way to becoming successful data monetisers.

Our approach: Data as a basis

The aim of AI-based applications is to recognise correlations in data or to automatically classify large amounts of data. Compared to classic IT solutions, the development of these applications requires a different project approach as well as special expertise on the part of those involved.

Taking these differences into account when setting up and implementing projects is crucial for your success.

If you would like to learn more about how we approach such projects, please contact us. We will show you how the procedure can look like for a project in your house and which methods are used in practice.

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