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Agile development processes

Planning, flexibility and certainty

New methods of cooperation and project organisation accelerate processes in your company - across all departments and fields of acitivity. Our developed concepts support you to implement agility even in large company structures. You need planning certainty to set up and implement agile software projects.

Development and dynamism

Due to the rapid advances in the areas of electronics and software, you and other automotive manufacturers are facing major challenges. The permanent network connections between machines, cars and people are changing your value creation chains and offering you new opportunities to develop new business models.

A digital layer consisting of portals, apps and services is currently being added to the mechanical world of automotive manufacturing. In this layer, the rhythm of new functions and updates is different due to different requirements. If you wish to keep up with this new tempo, the use of agile software development methods is unavoidable. These methods offer you the flexibility you need in order to implement projects more quickly. Nevertheless, agile development needs to meet your requirements for adhering to schedules and budgets. Having planning certainty will enable you to set up and implement agile software projects.

The market is still accepting the automotive sector’s traditional development cycles and developers are still thinking in months and years. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of users are accustomed to the speed of innovation in the consumer electronics sector. If you wish to develop future-proof products and services, you will need to grapple with this dynamism.

Development and certainty

As software developers, agility is a normal part of our day-to-day work. As IT service providers, we know that agility can even be implemented within large, traditional structures. By accessing adesso’s pool of more than 240 experienced and certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners, you will be able to implement agile structures at your company.

As part of the concept of ‘tamed agility’, we have brought together a whole array of instruments, which enable you to benefit from the advantages of the concept without having to deal with the disadvantages.

As a result of their involvement in numerous successful projects in the traditional IT sector, our experts have mastered agile methodologies. We can also apply this experience and knowledge to your processes, such as PEP and SPICE. We analyse your traditional development and production processes. Using this analysis as a basis, we then perform an agile maturity assessment.

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