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Connected Car Services

The future of mobility

The right connections make everyday life easier

These days, it’s all about connectivity. Everything and everyone is networked with each other. The connection between humans and vehicles is also increasingly coming into focus and becoming a purchasing criterion. Connectivity here means designing new possibilities that make everyday life easier and allow more flexibility. This means connected vehicles are the basis for the mobility of the future.

Connectivity means new possibilities

Connectivity is becoming a competitive differentiating factor that influences the purchase decision. The vehicle as a service platform opens up numerous new opportunities for companies to stand out from the competition by offering digital services and generating new business opportunities and fields.

As mobility services become more prevalent on the road, it is becoming increasingly important that vehicles are highly engineered and highly automated. Connected Car Services have great potential to achieve this goal.

Data collected and evaluated in real time helps to categorise different types of communication channels:

V2V – vehicle to vehicle

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is based on picking up data on the speed and position of vehicles in the vicinity in order to warn of dangerous situations or unclear conditions. Driving with foresight not only increases safety for everyone involved, but also saves energy.

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V2P – vehicle to pedestrian

Communication with these road users is particularly important to avoid collisions with pedestrians and cyclists or wheelchair users. Detection systems help to avoid accidents and warn those involved. This increases the safety of all road users.

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V2I – vehicle to infrastructure

The vehicle communicates with its environment and provides the driver with the most relevant information related to objects in the proximity of vehicle, such as traffic light prediction, free charging stations or parking spaces. The environmental conditions thus become part of the road traffic and bring safety-related advantages.

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V2C – vehicle to cloud

Sharing information via the cloud is already a widespread standard these days. Navigation devices or modern car sharing systems use this channel to share data in real time and thus enable new business processes and models such as pay as you drive, stolen vehicle tracking or delivery to car.

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V2X – vehicle to everything

The networking of all vehicles and infrastructures with each other describes an amalgamation of all the aforementioned forms of communication and includes other means of transport.

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adesso is by your side on the road to connected driving as a partner of leading companies in the automotive sector

Below are just some of the topics covered by our portfolio:

The challenge is to use vehicles as platforms for digital user experiences and to monetise them beyond traditional sales and garage visits. This requires offering differentiating digital services that increase customer loyalty and can be offered and billed throughout the entire vehicle life cycle.

We generate inspiring ideas for innovative services, conduct market and customer research, develop prototypes and minimal viable products (MVP) as well as secure access and billing processes during the development and securing of the services.

The integration of consumer devices into vehicle infotainment systems is a challenge. It has to keep pace with the rapid development of the consumer device market and take into account the different life cycles of smartphones and vehicles. In addition, it is also important to integrate third-party services such as real-time traffic information into the systems.

We support you in developing an app that expands the fun of driving by applying a gamification approach on smartphones (iOS and Android). Make sure your customers become big fans of your brand!

The increasing number of networked control units in vehicles requires a reliable security architecture that protects against negligent or wilful interference. This is achieved by managing keys and certificates, but this is a challenge due to the global manufacturing and supply chains as well as the supplier structures in the automotive industry.

adesso supports you in developing secure key management systems for the administration of cryptographic material. We combine centralised and decentralised approaches and implement secure services for the generation, storage, distribution and deletion of certificates and keys.

It is important to create the conditions for data collection and to develop intelligent data aggregations that meet country-specific regulatory requirements when introducing new data-based business models and managing big data.

We offer support in designing and developing configurable data collectors for the provision of vehicle data in backend systems as well as in developing a flexible and dynamic campaign control for the distribution of bulk orders to the vehicles and their forwarding to relevant target systems.

It is becoming increasingly important for buyers and retailers to know the exact delivery date of the vehicles they have ordered, but retailers have no insight into the logistics chain and the information they need is distributed across many companies and systems.

adesso supports you in developing functionalities to display the current location of the ordered vehicle as well as the planned route and the expected delivery dates based on the order number. The information on the delivery route and vehicle position is integrated and displayed on a map via existing interfaces.

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