Requirements engineering

Methods, structures and fulfilled requirements

The process of developing good software begins with a systematic discussion about requirements. That is precisely what we mean by requirements engineering or requirements management: a systematic and disciplined process of specifying and managing requirements. You can take this as a basis for designing software that corresponds to stakeholders’ needs and desires.


Requirements engineering is one of the key elements of the software development process. It serves as the basis for developing viable software architecture, ensuring a high level of user acceptance for the developed system and creating a systematic quality management process. From requirements documentation through to quality control, requirements engineering helps you develop software that impresses users, regardless of whether you rely on agile methods, the waterfall model or a different approach altogether.

In order for you to be able to precisely address topics in your software development projects that are relevant for your users, you should address user requirements in detail. The more systematically you carry out this process, the better the results of your project will be. Requirements management tools support you throughout the entire project, regardless of whether you are in the midst of a software development project, are preparing a tender or are interested in fundamentally restructuring your development processes.

adesso provides you with access to employees qualified for Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) (in keeping with the IREB certification model) and who apply their expertise directly to your projects. This lets you benefit from the advantages of requirements engineering quickly and without a great deal of effort.

Typical application scenarios that our experts handle include:

  • Evaluating your currently available processes and methods in the area of requirements engineering.
  • Consulting you on planning your requirements engineering plan (including aspects such as the approach, method selection and documentation structure)
  • Checking existing requirements documents
  • Designing requirements engineering training sessions for your employees

We provide proven workflows and documentation for all of the above that have already met with great success within the scope of many different requirements engineering projects.

When it comes to requirements engineering, the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board e.V.) sets the global standard. We are involved with the IREB at all levels in order to provide you with the latest expertise.

  • We rely on systematic requirements engineering training based on IREB certifications.
  • adesso has achieved the highest status in the IREB partner programme: Platinum.
  • Dr Kim Lauenroth represents adesso on the IREB e.V. Executive Board.

Learn more about the IREB here.

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