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Design thinking

User-centric innovation process

A systematic approach to solving problems throug innovation

Focus on people and their needs

In a digitalised world where change is constantly occurring, design thinking is a practical framework for innovation. Whether you are a start-up, SMB or major corporation, this approach lets you generate user-centric solutions to individual problems and, in doing so, create promising new products, services and processes.

As part of the design thinking process, interdisciplinary teams pass through six steps during a design sprint:

  • 1. Understand: Develop a shared understanding of the problem.
  • 2. Observe: Quality-based observation of the problem from the perspective of different users.
  • 3. Synthesise: Evaluate the findings and define a standard description of the problem.
  • 4. Ideate: Brainstorm to find practical solutions to the problem.
  • 5. Prototype: Focus on developing a small number of prototypes based on the ideas collected.
  • 6. Test: Test the prototype with a focus on the target groups.
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The six steps in a design sprint

A new way of thinking and working

Space for ideas with real potential

The design thinking moderator assists the team throughout the process and helps them to maintain the focus on the user’s specific problem at all times. In many cases, this is a real challenge, especially for inexperienced teams.

Using various methods such as personas, customer journeys, storytelling or by changing the perspective, the facilitator supports the team in overcoming mental barriers and breaking out of typical patterns of thinking. This is absolutely necessary in order to generate ideas with real potential.

Working together to create innovative solutions

Along with broad theoretical knowledge, our experts also have extensive practical experience gained by taking part in numerous design thinking workshops and training seminars. Our extensive portfolio allows us to provide you not only with a professional coach to teach you design thinking methods. We also supply a domain coach who is able to give suggestions on how to implement ideas generated during the brainstorming session and support you until the innovative solution has been implemented. The advantages are obvious:

  • adesso has successfully deployed design thinking as a proven method for customers in multiple projects.
  • Added value is generated through collaboration between a design thinking moderator and a technical expert.
  • Our expertise extends beyond producing a prototype. We also provide support during the development process as required in the relevant situation.
  • We have the right method for every sector and for companies of any size.

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