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Risks, protection and security

New IT laws and heightened risk awareness among customers: Requirements for security and protection of your IT installation are continually increasing. We support you with a SAP Security Service on topics such as security and risk management.


You need to have your SAP systems regularly inspected and continually maintained to protect them from internal and external threats. In order to maintain a reliable assessment of your SAP system’s security status while doing so, you should check all security-relevant areas of the SAP landscape and business-critical risks on the levels of technology and authorisations. Carrying out a system audit with the help of the WerthAUDITOR provides you with the opportunity to completely check your company’s SAP system landscape, without missing out on anything. WerthAUDITOR focuses on, among other things, identifying weak spots using a simple audit functionality, compiling catalogues of measures and continually monitoring the security level.

In order for your SAP systems to be secured in an effective, lasting way, you need to secure the operating system and address the following key security aspects, which are covered by the audit functionalities in WerthAUDITOR:

  • Patch management
  • System hardening
  • Logging and analysis
  • Secure programming
  • Authorisation management
  • Network security

From monitoring, to SAP audits, to compliance inspections and thorough penetration tests, the easy-to-use, appealing user interface allows you and your security team to efficiently face SAP security challenges, even without comprehensive prior expertise:

  • Easy to install
  • Automatic provision of updates
  • Regular system checks can be automated
  • Can be expanded using plug-in assistants and the code editor
  • Audits that are easy to carry out without prior expertise, thanks to audit templates

The WerthAUDITOR lets you set up efficient SAP risk management. From enhancing security to upholding legal requirements plus compliance specifications, the WerthAUDITOR supports you with all aspects of SAP risk management.

adesso supports you in rolling out the WerthAUDITOR, providing assistance with installation, configuration, commissioning and training. Our experts also help you interpret the consolidated results, prepare the analysis results, derive recommended actions and adjust the necessary measures. The consultants we deploy are specially certified to use the WerthAUDITOR.

New User Experience of SAP

SAP Fiori is the central SAP UI technology and is also an important component of the new Business Suite S / 4 HANA. Many transaction-based SAP applications have already been replaced by Fiori Apps. Through a central entry - the so-called launchpad - the user can start the various apps, which are organized in "tiles". Depending on the app, information about important KPIs can be found on the tile.

SAP Fiori is the new User Experience. However, it also identifies applications that have been developed in accordance with the SAP-Fiori principles. The following principles apply to SAP-Fiori applications:

  • Role-based: Users see only the functions they need to work efficiently on a particular task.
  • Responsive Design: Applications (Apps) are designed to work with a uniform design on all end devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch).
  • Simple: SAP Fiori definiert das so genannte 1-1-3 Szenario. This means that a user processes exactly one use case with one app and that on a maximum of three different screens.
  • Coherent: Apps are characterized by a consistent surface design. This is ensured by defined app types and interaction patterns.
  • Ansprechend: Appealing: The new design features allow apps to be appealing and intuitive to use. This means that the application process is obviously and clearly represented by the app.

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