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Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly Salesforce CDP) consolidates all of a company’s data in one place and offers a standardised customer view for marketing, sales and service. With Salesforce Data Cloud, your company can have full faith in its customer information and be sure that it is taking the right steps to engage with its customers across all channels.

Advantages of Salesforce Data Cloud

  • Integrate and link data from different sources to create a standardised customer profile.
  • Create clearly defined segments via drag and drop and get the population of these segments in real time.
  • Manage consents with integrated functions for compliance with regulations such as GDPR.
  • Activate segments for each platform based on current customer behaviour, including Marketing Cloud for marketing automation and Sales Cloud for sales automation.
  • Analyse and visualise the engagement or link it to BI tools and marketing analyses

Try Data Cloud now at no risk

Salesforce announced a free version of Data Cloud for customers at the 2023 Dreamforce, the biggest Salesforce event of the year. In addition, adesso is offering a starter kit valued at €20,000 for €10,000 a limited time only. It includes the following services and is implemented in your environment within six weeks:

  • Two sessions to explore/learn the functions and architecture of Data Cloud
  • Preparing a relevant MVP use case with a data source
  • Implemenattion of a Data Cloud connecton with a production environment
  • Configuring a Salesforce or non-Salesforce connector for Data Cloud
  • Carrying out the MVP use case for purposes of validation

If you are interested in the starter kit for Data Cloud MVP implementation, please let us know when you are available so that we can schedule a short 30-minute meeting sometime in the coming weeks.

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