Digital event management


The challenge

The Hausärztliche Vertragsgemeinschaft AG (HÄVG) offers a variety of events and further training for GP practices and keeps interested parties up to date with informational mails and newsletters. In addition, online training measures such as webinars have become a permanent fixture in recent years. As their activities grew in scope, it became more and more difficult to categorise and qualify data such as participant lists, registrations or evaluations. Event registrations by fax, a heterogeneous system landscape and the decentralised distribution of data records resulted in a lot of manual work. Activities such as manually executing data imports, maintaining distribution lists and sending mails increased. No uniform processes were yet in place for the registration procedure of the HÄVG events.


HÄVG’s goal was to gain a better overview of all processes and, with the help of automation, to reduce the susceptibility to errors on the one hand and to increase efficiency on the other. The focus was on data protection-compliant communication and central data control with the additional benefit of gaining a 360° view of customers. This all-encompassing view was also to include targeted mailing of event invitations and personalised marketing activities.

Presentation of an exemplary email journey in the Marketing Cloud

Presentation of an exemplary email journey in the Marketing Cloud

The result

A CRM solution was developed to implement the defined goals. In addition to Salesforce Sales Cloud, HÄVG now uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Previously known standard modules of Sales Cloud, such as the campaign object for event and dispatch planning and the target group definition via selection in reports, were further developed by adesso according to customer specifications.

During the design phase, the requirements for the system were defined with regard to future processes. The second phase involved the creation of adesso’s solution design. As part of the agile project implementation, initial basic elements were implemented sprint by sprint, ensuring their ongoing improvement and expansion together with the persons in charge. Automated and highly personalised e-mailing is now part of event management and can be launched in the Sales Cloud campaign via the Distributed Marketing module. The latter module makes it possible to create and customise text and image content of the e-mails, such as event announcements, directly in Sales Cloud.

Customer benefits

Thanks to the bundling of all customer data, the customer now has a holistic, transparent customer view

(including items such as preferences or participation histories). Event information and other marketing measures can thus be distributed to GPs in a more targeted manner and in compliance with data protection regulations. In addition, automated communication processes speed up processing, resulting in significantly more efficient, custom-fit event management and a lower error rate. Due to the great flexibility of the Salesforce platform, changes to e-mails or campaigns can be made quickly by the relevant persons whenever required.

HÄVG (Hausärztliche Vertragsgemeinschaft AG) provides services in the healthcare sector. It supports GPs with regard to contract negotiations with payers and service providers and offers management services related to contract processing. HÄVG is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.


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