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Innovations in the company have to be fast and flexible these days. Our adesso MuleSoft Competence Center assists you in integrating data, applications and devices into a sustainable, modular architecture.

adesso is a certified MuleSoft Integration Partner and valued added reseller and advises you on integration concepts, develops your individual MuleSoft APIs and realises the complete implementation of your Anypoint Platform all the way through to application management.

Our team consists of professionals who have all the certifications MuleSoft requires:

  • Developer (MCD)
  • Platform Architect (MCPA)
  • Integration Architect (MCIA)

We use our API-led approach and extensive product and industry expertise to assist in your transformation towards a digital ecosystem.

adesso is a certified partner and value added reseller

we maintain a partnership of trust with MuleSoft and continuously work on further developing our MuleSoft skills.

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An overview of our services

We offer you the entire spectrum of consultancy services from a single source – from implementation strategy to roll-out and operation, to the further development and empowerment of your organisation.

Analysis and consulting

We analyse your system and API landscape and give you comprehensive advice on the entire integration concept, whether cloud, on-premises or hybrid. In the next step, we develop a proof of concept for you that is tailored to your needs and create a joint recommendation for action for implementation.


Our own MuleSoft Competence Centre is staffed with certified professionals and will be happy to assist you in integrating individual solutions. This can include the development of your own MuleSoft APIs, the complete implementation of the Anypoint Platform or application management.

Further development and operation

But we do not stop there, we are also happy to help you further develop and operate your MuleSoft APIs/services and take over support functions (1st/2nd/3rd level).

Establishing a Centre for Enablement (C4E)

We empower your organisation with the ability to use the MuleSoft tool landscape safely and sustainably and help you to establish a Centre for Enablement (C4E). We are also happy to both methodically and conceptually assist you in creating training content.

Use Cases


A large clothing company has been using MuleSoft as a central integration platform for several years and is one of the largest MuleSoft customers in Europe. Meanwhile, more than 225 APIs are already in productive use. The strategic goal is to establish MuleSoft as the sole integration platform.


Existing systems without MuleSoft connection or implementation are to be integrated into the MuleSoft stack in order to harmonize the landscape and generate more efficiencies.

In the future, the majority of these APIs will be migrated from MuleSoft version 3 to MuleSoft version 4. Furthermore, not all processes or domains have been mapped with MuleSoft yet, which will be increasingly pushed in the future. The company needs support for this migration process and the large number of APIs.


adesso helps the company build new APIs, extend existing APIs, migrate them to the latest version and deploy them OnPremise and via CloudHub.

This allows new and existing business processes to interact better with the help of MuleSoft. The new systems can be integrated into the infrastructure faster, enabling the company to work more efficiently in IT and generate faster development cycles.


An international German service company has been a MuleSoft customer for several years and already has a large number of MuleSoft APIs that integrate many systems with each other.


One challenge is to further develop existing APIs and extend them with new use cases. In addition, these APIs must be maintained and adapted over time.


Together with the company, adesso develops new and enhances existing APIs which, among other things, are responsible for synchronizing databases or forwarding requests to other systems. In addition, adesso provides 3rd level support, analyzing user and customer problems and solving them by cooperating with the relevant system stakeholders.


A large German energy provider is already a very large MuleSoft user and pioneer for many standards in this area.

With more than 100 own APIs and inernational MuleSoft teams adesso was able to contribute to a wealth of experience already at the beginning and to further develop existing APIs.


The main objective is the further development of the API interfaces and B2B platforms relevant for the sales area. Thus, the existing APIs for a MultiOrg platform should be modernized and expanded. The individual systems and partner platforms have to be connected to existing systems. In addition, adesso takes over the maintenance and extension of the connections.


The existing APIs are extended with regard to MultiOrg capability so that the partner platforms can be connected without major problems.

The existing APIs are qualitatively expanded and maintained - as a result, they now run permanently more stable for the customer.

Do you have any questions?

Let’s discuss how we can work together to implement your Salesforce project. I look forward to being able to meet with you.


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