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Business Intelligence with Power BI

Figures, data and facts

Recognise business opportunities before the competition does

Corporate management with customised Microsoft solutions

Recognise business opportunities before the competition does

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solutions ensure that you can see everything that you need to see. After all, having access to relevant, current and reliable figures forms the basis for successful business. Having this information is the only way for you to recognise business opportunities before the competition does. Our consultants also ensure that the Microsoft solutions you use are a perfect fit for your requirements and existing IT infrastructure – as if they were designed just for you.

Self Service gives you more options

You will receive customised reports and dashboards in order to enable managers at all levels and in all departments to securely manage the company. Moreover, Self Service BI provides decision-makers with the option to create their own ad hoc reports and analyses at any time. This not only relieves the workload for the IT department, but also simplifies and accelerates decision-making processes in the specialist departments, allowing your company to react more quickly.

Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365

Digitalisation of workplace collaboration

With our expertise and the tools and instruments from Microsoft, you can implement your plans for the digital transformation in your company easily and in a way tailored to your needs. Our experts do this by using solutions such as Office 365 to create a digital, and therefore, productive working environment in which your employees perform duties that go above and beyond their role description.

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Business Intelligence from the cloud

If you rely on big data concepts for making decisions or want to take data from the Internet of Things into account, you should familiarise yourself with Microsoft’s cloud services. We created solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence to enable you to process large volumes of data in real time, filter and analyse it, and automate decision-making with machine learning technology without having to build your own infrastructure.

Business Intelligence considerations should also keep governance in mind

Our service portfolio is not limited to technical implementation – it also includes comprehensive consultation, such as on the topic of governance. We work together with you to figure out which organisational structures and processes you should rely on so that your data analytics solutions can be adapted to new requirements at any time.

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