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Greater efficiency in day-to-day work with Microsoft Copilot

Generative AI and, not least, the hype surrounding ChatGPT have shown how combining chat interfaces with large language models can be used to ask about anything you want to know. Microsoft is taking advantage of this technology and adding ‘Copilot’ to its range of products and services to help boost productivity in the workplace.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot offers a unique AI experience in people’s day-to-day work, and is integrated into the most widely used Microsoft products, from GitHub to Microsoft 365. Copilot improves efficiency in the workplace and redefines the way we interact with technology. Copilot combines the context of large language models with your company data, such as documents, e-mails and chat messages, to provide you with customised support – seamlessly in all familiar Microsoft apps and services.

Microsoft Copilot becomes your intelligent AI assistant that answers questions, creates content or completes tasks to make your working day easier, relieve you of tedious routine tasks or inspire new topics and ideas.

adesso Copilot Framework

Five steps to a successful launch

Microsoft Copilot, like other AI technologies, cannot simply be introduced into a company at the push of a button. The organisation must be prepared and ready to use AI, particularly when it comes to data protection, IT security, infrastructure and change management. Copilot readiness is needed to successfully exploit the potential of the new AI technology.

adesso has developed a framework to ensure the secure and pragmatic introduction of Microsoft Copilot. Our five-step model lays the groundwork for using Microsoft Copilot in various sectors and use cases.

Copilot use cases

Microsoft Copilot ensures that day-to-day work with Microsoft apps is more productive. Specific use cases vary depending on the sector. For example, Copilot can help finance departments evaluate analyses and financial reports, marketing departments to create advertising texts for social media and company websites, and sales departments to make forecasts about future customer behaviour and define sensible next best actions. Copilot can also help you catch up on the content of a meeting. It can summarise the topics discussed and list to-dos for all those involved.

GenAI Use Cases

Creative document assistant

Copilot helps you be more creative when producing documents, whether for e-mails, Word files or PowerPoint presentations. Copilot creates unique documents based on your company’s data. All that is required is one simple entry.

Simple data queries

Copilot makes it easier to analyse and explore data in Excel. Identify trends, create visualisations and ask for recommendations to deepen your knowledge and make decisions.

Corporate GPT

Any information found at the company can be requested using simple chats, from the final offer to the current travel policy. There is no need to search any more, as you can find content directly within the context of your company.

Support for marketing and sales

Whether text or images, Copilot can help marketing and sales departments create communication material and recommend next best actions.

Software development

Shorter development times and higher quality. Copilot is there to assist your development teams with high code, low code or no code.

E-mail processing

Increase your productivity and use Copilot to reduce the time spent on processing e-mails. Improve communication, summarise long e-mail threads or intuitively create engaging messages.

Meeting assistant

Take video conferencing to the next level. Copilot makes collaboration even more efficient by summarising the content of conversations and working out the most important topics of discussion and tasks derived for all participants.

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Copilot Offerings

Microsoft AI workshop

Experience a new dimension of work efficiency and productivity with Microsoft Copilot and adesso. We have a special workshop offer for you – in certain circumstances, it is even free of charge. From clarifying the basics to integration – harness the transformative power of generative AI for your company. We will pave the way with you in our Microsoft AI workshop.

  • Shared understanding of the status quo.
  • Identification of use cases.
  • Prioritisation and evaluation of use cases.

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