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Properly implementing low code

Shorten time to market and reduce IT departments’ workloads

What low code offers your company

Low code offers you many advantages: Functionalities are delivered faster, less work needs to be invested in technical basics, agile working is supported and companies benefit from a close collaboration between departments.

These advantages are primarily used to

  • optimise inefficient, manual and paper-based processes,
  • modernise organically grown IT landscapes and
  • deliver digital experiences on the market as quickly as possible.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

To properly take advantage of the listed benefits, choosing the right platform for low code is not all that needs to be done. Instead, a number of preparations need to be made in terms of the process models, responsibilities, quality assurance and integration in order to ensure that the low code promises are kept.

The low-code paradigm deals with two challenges: on the one hand, there are the frequent capacity bottlenecks in IT departments resulting from the wide range of tasks, for example, IT strategy and governance, new developments, supplier management and operations. On the other hand, speed is a success factor, for example, in order to be able to react quickly to market changes, customer requests or regulatory requirements.

There are some disadvantages resulting from this conflict:

  • The digitalisation of business ideas takes too long.
  • The IT costs for basic features are too high.
  • Permanent overburdening of the IT department leads to frustration.

This is where low code comes in

In response to this situation, the low-code paradigm pursues the vision of making the development of applications accessible to people with zero or little engineering background – known as ‘citizen developers’. To make this happen, low-code platforms provide four components in a homogeneous and perfectly integrated environment: these include the development of drag-and-drop interfaces, graphical modelling of (business) logic, application generation and one-click deployment, as well as standardisation, reuse and integration. When correctly used, there can be significant benefits:

  • shorter time to market,
  • greater cost-effectiveness and focus on core business,
  • less pressure on IT capacity and expertise,
  • satisfaction thanks to more effective collaboration and
  • a higher-quality end result.
Make fact-based and sound decisions

To do this, we jointly consider business issues that would benefit from low code, the maturity of your IT landscape and the human resources necessary for low-code deployment. We also create initial applications ready for live use.

Start small and celebrate the initial success

After a positive evaluation, we integrate the chosen low-code platform into your IT landscape, integrate the initial applications in your day-to-day business and set up a centre of excellence.

Application to other areas, departments and cases

The solid foundation that has been created is now fully utilised, and applications are used for other business areas and business issues. You act independently by using the centre of excellence.

Low code and artificial intelligence (AI)

In this series of blog posts, you will discover how low-code platforms as a disruptive innovation in software development can make adopting AI easier and what benefits intelligent process automation has to offer.

Read the blog posts here

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We are your partner for low-code platforms

Our experts are here to support you across all three phases. We help you deliver on the promises of the low-code paradigm and unlock the full potential of low code in your company. This approach and the cooperation with adesso offer you the following advantages:

  • Long-term benefits thanks to holistically designed framework conditions in terms of technology, processes, culture and organisation
  • Objective cost/benefit analysis and realistic expectations of necessary resources and possible results through product-independent consulting
  • No application chaos and reduced lock-in risk as a result of clear governance and a clean system architecture
  • Investment protection with regard to existing IT systems through the use of API ecosystems and architecture consulting

The benefits of a collaboration with adesso are obvious:

Partner on an equal footing:

We bridge the gap between internationally active low-code platforms and your local requirements.

Industry-independent consulting:

We are not committed to any provider and advise you independently and objectively to ensure you achieve the best cost/benefit result.

Focus on customer empowerment:

We get you ready for low-code development – across your IT department and your workforces in specialist departments – in line with your ideas and requirements.

Flexible one-stop shop:

Selective consulting, implementation capacity or holistic support in the disciplines of technology, experience, collaboration and business – according to your needs.

Collaboration with academia:

Key aspects of low code are also interesting to researchers, such as graphical logic modelling. We provide you with new insights as soon as they are available.

Software expertise:

With decades of experience in software development, we embed low code optimally into your IT landscape, processes and IT strategy.

Our low-code orientation package

Based on a clear methodology, we work with you to develop a dossier on the use of low code in your company that is both product independent and tailored specifically to suit your situation and outlines the potential, risks and possible fields of action. We take into account the issues specific to your business, organisational requirements, the maturity of your IT landscape and your resource requirements.

Our low-code technology partners

Key success criteria to ensure best-in-class solutions are strategic partnerships with technology suppliers and the certification of our solutions by major market partners. adesso works with leading providers on the market on a basis of trust. Our customers benefit from the technical advancements of our partners and our excellent cooperation.


The strength of the Power Platform and the related technologies and products lies in developing business applications in the Microsoft ecosystem quickly and easily. As a certified partner, adesso has a direct line to Microsoft to solve complex tasks for you with the Power Platform, Azure Cloud, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 in direct cooperation with our experts. You will benefit from our excellent relationship with the world’s largest software manufacturer as you access important information about platforms and technologies.

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Alongside our specialisation in CRM, further highlights in our adesso Salesforce portfolio include predictive maintenance scenarios with IoT solutions such as com2m and Commerce Cloud projects in B2C retail. Salesforce uses tools that are generated entirely from modules, meaning they function without needing any programming whatsoever – or ‘no code’, to put it another way. End users can develop high-quality solutions without the need for programming know-how.

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Do you have any questions?

Are you looking to introduce low code into your company, are you interested in a non-binding consultation or do you have questions about our offer? Get in touch with us!


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