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Properly implementing low code

Shorten time to market and reduce IT departments’ workloads

What is Low-Code?

Faster delivery and effective collaboration

Low-code development platforms (LCDP) make it possible to develop applications based on visual elements that are understood by technical staff and IT experts alike.

Low-code development promotes collaboration between stakeholders from the business world, citizen developers and professional developers, while cross-functional collaboration allows you to more quickly align business requirements with development outcomes.

Capacity bottlenecks and the growing need for digital solutions

With demand for (new) digital solutions constantly growing, this can often not be adequately met due to capacity bottlenecks in the IT department. The rollout of new solutions not only requires development work, it also involves time-consuming, cost-intensive upstream and downstream processes. This includes things like embedding the new solution in the IT strategy, integration into the existing IT landscape, governance, administration, maintenance and operation. This often leads to additional problems such as:

  • The lengthy process of digitalising business ideas and processes
  • High IT costs for basic functionalities
  • Frustrated employees because the IT department is constantly overworked
  • Projects that cannot be implemented

Reduce complexity and link departments seamlessly

The low-code paradigm opens up new opportunities in application development not only for professional developers but also for specialist departments, including citizen developers. It creates a seamless connection between the IT and the other technical departments by reducing complexity and creating a shared platform for collaboration. This unifies the IT landscape and promotes innovation. There are a number of advantages to low-code:

  • Reduces the workload of the IT department
  • Eliminates shadow IT
  • Available within the shortest time possible
  • More cost-effective and greater focus on core business
  • Increased satisfaction thanks to more effective collaboration
  • Higher-quality outcome
  • Modernisation of legacy applications

An introduction to low-code

How adesso supports your company

Making the right preparations is crucial. To truly reap the benefits, it is not only important to choose the right low-code platform. You also have to make a number of preparations in terms of procedure models, governance and assigning responsibility for quality assurance and integration in order to take full advantage of low-code.

To get the most out of low-code, three elements of business agility must be in place:


A generative, collaborative culture that encourages creativity and experimentation.


Trained employees who can take advantage of opportunities and properly assess risks.


A fully integrated platform embedded in the company’s development and business processes.

The right network to make your project a success

Our low-code technology partners

The core requirements to ensure the success of best-in-class solutions are strategic partnerships with technology providers and the certification of our solutions by key market partners. adesso works with the leading providers on the market on a basis of trust. Our customers benefit from the technical advancements of our partners and our excellent cooperation.

We support you no matter where you are in the process

Our low-code orientation package

If you would like to learn more about low-code, contact us for a low-code awareness workshop at no obligation. This workshop presents several of the leading low-code platforms and explains in greater detail how low-code can be integrated into your business.

Do you already know what your specific requirements? Then take advantage of our Interaction Room workshop to document your individual business requirements and use cases. Based on this information, we provide a proposal and selection of low-code platforms tailored to optimally fit your requirements. Our platform-neutral consulting guarantees an objective evaluation of the different platforms.

Get in touch now!

We are your partner for low-code platforms

Our experts are here to support you in all three areas. We help you deliver on the promises of the low-code paradigm and unlock the full potential of low-code in your company.

  • Long-term benefits thanks to holistically designed framework conditions for technology, processes, culture and organisation
  • Cost/benefit analysis and realistic expectations of necessary resources and possible results through product-independent consulting
  • Clearly defined governance framework
  • Establishing centres of excellence to develop long-term business values
  • Investment protection for existing IT systems achieved through API ecosystems and architecture consulting for integration in the IT strategy

The benefits of a collaboration with adesso are obvious:

Industry-independent consulting

We are not committed to any provider and advise you independently and objectively to ensure you achieve the best cost/benefit result.

Customer empowerment at the centre

We get you ready for low-code development – across your IT department and your workforces in specialist departments – in line with your ideas and requirements.

Flexible one-stop shop

Selective consulting, implementation capacity or holistic support in the disciplines of technology, experience, collaboration and business – according to your needs.

Software competence

With decades of experience in software development, we embed low-code optimally into your IT landscape, processes and IT strategy.

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