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New School of IT

Rethinking IT

The new role of IT

IT organisations would have to take the final step "from the basement to the management board"

The role played by IT today is different to what it was just a few years ago. Once seen merely as a cost factor, IT is now becoming an increasingly important element in shaping new business models. The goal of the New School of IT is to prepare IT for its contribution to a successful business. When it comes to key decisions, IT experts certainly need a seat at the table. The New School of IT combines the strategies, measures and technologies you need to manage this process of transformation.

The benefits to IT: enhance IT’s position as a strategic pioneer and partner for all crucial factors in the business journey.

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Ambidextrous Attitude I Cloud Native Thinking I Data Mindedness

The components of the New School of IT


The potential in the organisation

Delivering results today and building the business of tomorrow - this is the dichotomy in which IT departments operate. On the one hand, stable, cost-optimised day-to-day business. On the other hand, new business applications that are unthinkable without the use of modern technologies. The term "ambidextrous attitude" describes an organisational approach that meets both requirements.

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Cloud Native Thinking

The potential in the architecture

Cost, speed, scaling and stability advantages - all this is opened up by the use of cloud technologies and processes. "In the cloud" is becoming the standard for large parts of the IT landscape. Defining a cloud strategy helps those responsible to benefit from these advantages.

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Data Mindedness

The intelligence in evaluation

Competitive advantages arise from data that unhinge entire industries. The consequence for companies: The optimal flow of data should determine the structure of organisations and the design of internal processes.

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Your way to the New School of IT

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Now it's time to find out what the New School of IT means for your business. How it affects your IT. Understand in detail how the individual trends and developments are connected and what they do.

Find out what role does IT play in the success of your business, what do forward-thinking organisational structures look like, what is the role of data-driven business models, what opportunities do cloud technologies offer.

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