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It is increasingly the case that IT departments lay the foundations for your business success. IT has the potential to press ahead with the issues that are most fundamental for your company. It is emancipating itself from the role of helping other specialist departments to fulfil their tasks. adesso’s New School of IT is establishing the basis for a confident kind of IT. The kind of IT that has a strong command of the three major technological trends: the mobility of processes and customers, the agile way in which information systems are being developed and the elasticity of IT infrastructures.


Mobility will become the basic pattern for your business processes. This is because your customers now expect to be able to access your services from wherever they are – as standard. To achieve this, you need a mobile IT strategy that is embedded with measures, processes and tools. This applies to the choice of appropriate mobile ecosystems, the specifics of developing for mobile applications and finding an integrated way of addressing customers.



Your development could also be accelerated by an agile approach – the rapid development of executable software, the regular publication of small releases and the self-organisation of the teams involved. In the everyday world of business, it is difficult to implement agility in its purest form. Even flexibility must be the subject of planning. For this reason, here at the New School of IT, we have developed the concept of ‘tamed agility’. This concept makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of the agile approach without having to deal with the potential disadvantages.



Your IT service needs to process increasing volumes of data – applications, databases, collections of documents, archives, online stores, client portals and sensors. The quantity of data that you are now faced with really can be classed as ‘big data’. Your IT service needs to cope with fluctuating capacities. Without any warning or preparation, it needs to handle traffic rates with huge peaks and troughs. Agile developers need short-term test environments, so you need to create and remove these environments at the click of a button.

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Eleven white papers about the New School of IT – available free of charge

Find out about the potential of modern enterprise IT by visiting our website, which is dedicated to this topic. The white paper ‘Rethinking IT – New School of IT’ is also available to download from the website.

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