New Service Management with ServiceNow GenAI

Innovative solution for the efficient management of company services

Service Management for the digital era

Optimise processes, improve the customer experience and increase productivity

In an increasingly digitalised world, the efficient management of corporate services is crucial. Companies must react quickly in order to remain competitive. ServiceNow GenAI is an innovative solution that integrates GenAI-based automation into service management. This allows you to optimise your business processes, improve the customer experience and increase productivity.

Find out more about ServiceNow GenAI, its features and how our experts can help you keep your organisation competitive in a fast-paced business world.

Now Assist - Selection of application areas with GenAI

  • IT Service Management

    Now Assist can automatically complete and support IT fault tickets so that they can be resolved immediately.

  • Customer Support

    Chatbots based on Now Assist offer immediate and precise customer support and improve user satisfaction.

  • Personal

    Now Assist brings together various data sources to provide employees with usable information (e.g. performance queries).

  • Creator

    Now Assist can create code templates, support programming & debugging and automate code refactoring and documentation.

From brainstorming to transformation

Our workshop offer for ServiceNow GenAI

We would be happy to support you on your journey from the initial brainstorming stage through possible optimisations of your service management to the transformation into your ServiceNow platform with GenAI functionalities. Our workshop is the right platform for this. We not only help you with the implementation, but also accompany you beyond this and ensure sustainable added value for you and your organisation.

Our workshop covers the following points:

  • Creating a common understanding of the status quo,
  • the identification of use cases,
  • a process simulation of the selected use cases with and without ServiceNow GenAI components and
  • the evaluation and prioritisation of the next steps.

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.

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