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Building a holistic online marketing strategy



The market for digital experience platforms (DXP) has developed rapidly in recent years. Companies are increasingly recognising the need for a seamless and personalised customer experience across channels. This has greatly increased the demand for DXPs.

However, competition in the DXP market is fierce, with a large number of well-known suppliers fighting for market share. One of them is Crownpeak.


Crownpeak, a successful digital experience management company, faced a number of challenges after changing its name (formerly e-Spirit). The marketing team had limited resources to cover all the core competences and to build up and implement the necessary online marketing and reporting knowledge. This did not provide sufficient evidence of marketing ROI.

Crownpeak also wanted to establish a holistic content strategy with uniform processes and effective marketing management. It had yet to fully exploit the potential for increasing visibility and improving search engine rankings.


adesso developed and implemented the following solution to Crownpeak’s challenges:

Social media

adesso provides the Crownpeak marketing team strategic, consultative and operational support in creating holistic social media concepts along the customer journey:

  • Conception of social media campaigns for branding, events, product launches, trade fairs, rebranding, conferences and other marketing objectives
  • Strategy development (content, channel and advertising)
  • Editorial planning in English and German for the US, UK and DACH markets
  • Content creation and management (text, image, video and audio)
Paid media

Strategic consulting and operational implementation of performance marketing campaigns with measurable results:

  • Conception of advertising campaigns for keyword marketing
  • Ongoing implementation and optimisation of online campaigns
  • SEA campaigns for new landing pages
  • Content creation and management (text, image, video and audio)
Search engine optimisation

Professional SEO service and consulting on content and technical topics:

  • Creation of keyword sets, meta data and editing of search engine-relevant texts
  • Website relaunch support after the acquisition
  • Continuous content creation for blog posts, landing pages, product pages and e-books
  • Proofreading, translation services and localisation
Marketing analytics

Strategic and operational implementation of existing tracking using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio:

  • Migration support for the upgrade from Google Universal Analytics (GA3) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Set-up and optimisation of dashboards in Google Data Studio
  • Creation of a new tracking concept for the website relaunch

By working with adesso, Crownpeak was finally able to define a holistic online marketing strategy, goals and KPIs for the US, UK and DACH markets and implement them with multi-level, multilingual, international campaigns and landing pages:

  • Professionalisation of PPC campaigns to reliably generate leads (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads)
  • Development of a content strategy for all social media channels and target groups, including editorial planning for a consistent brand presence across different platforms
  • Keyword conception and target group-optimised landing pages
  • Support with the design and integration of web tracking, including the conversion from Google Analytics 3 to 4

The acquisition of e-Spirit by US company Crownpeak posed a monumental challenge for adesso, as it suddenly had to work with a new international marketing team under a new management, as well as serve new markets and implement a global orientation after a year of collaboration.

>> We would like to thank the marketing team at Crownpeak for the wonderful opportunity provided by the constant stream of online marketing consulting. Our close collaboration has meant we have always been able to develop and implement customised solutions to achieve our shared digital marketing goals in the best way possible.

Angela Görner, Project Manager, adesso SE


The end-to-end online marketing support provided adesso’s Digital Experience division means Crownpeak can now benefit from the following advantages:

  • Definition of a holistic online marketing strategy with clear goals and KPIs for the US, DACH and UK markets
  • Improvement in the brand’s online presence and visibility thanks to target group-oriented search engine optimisation and increased visibility for important keywords through targeted SEO measures
  • Professionalisation of PPC campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads) to reliably generate qualified leads
  • Developing a content strategy for all social media channels and target groups, including the creation of an editorial plan and brainstorming to generate high-quality content
  • Support in the design and integration of web tracking to collect and analyse user data effectively
  • Support for the website relaunch after the acquisition to ensure a smooth transition and an improved user experience
  • Minimisation of ad waste through honed targeting and continuous optimisation, as well as increased efficiency through iterative optimisation, visible through falling lead costs
  • Development of a knowledge pool about the target groups
  • Networking of system landscapes
  • New customer acquisition and an optimised customer journey

Crownpeak is the manufacturer of the industry-leading digital experience platform FirstSpirit. Crownpeak’s solutions support companies around the world in successfully implementing digital solutions, addressing customers in a more targeted manner, and increasing their market share. FirstSpirit enables the creation, management and publication of content in a wide range of channels, including websites, online shops, intranets and portals, extranets, print publications and mobile devices. Customers benefit from excellent usability and flexible integration with e-commerce systems, portals, backend systems and cloud applications.

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