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Process mining deals with the mapping and optimisation of real business processes based on large amounts of data. Process mining identifies deviations and efficiency potential from digital footprints stored in company systems in real time. This allows large volumes of data to be processed efficiently and end-to-end processes to be visualised on the basis of real data. Process mining thus offers an intuitive and flexible way of visualising processes and KPIs and identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, bottlenecks and deviations from the target process.

Process mining is a tool that only realises its full added value in the hands of experts. To ensure that your department and your company benefit from process mining to the maximum, our teams combine process mining and technical expertise for the process to be optimised.

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In the exploration phase, we collect ideas for the fields of application of process mining, clarify the context, classify the potential of process mining for your organisation and identify possible use cases.

  • Value assessment
  • Tool selection
  • Expert review


In the initialisation phase, we sharpen our understanding of the goal and create a target image by concretising ideas for use cases, making them ready for implementation and piloting them.

  • Solution design
  • Piloting


In the expansion phase, we map your entire process, analyse it in detail and implement improvements that are implemented in day-to-day operations and deliver measurable added value.

  • Full Process
  • Action Flows
  • Conformance Check


In this phase, we support you in establishing suitable structures to implement process mining throughout your organisation, to learn as an organisation and to monitor the added value generated.

  • Establishment Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  • Value Monitoring


In this phase, we ensure that the established process mining solutions are sustainably anchored in your organisation and in the everyday lives of the employees concerned.

  • Drive Adoption

Our Success Stories

Our references in the field of process mining give you an impression of our daily work, provide an insight into various projects and emphasise our technological and consulting expertise.

  • Expansion, Scaling & Adoption

    Sartorius - Establishment of a Center of Excellence

    Sartorius already used Celonis in several departments. adesso accompanied the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) in order to successfully implement Celonis company-wide. Furthermore, the experts of adesso ensured the global transparency of material availabilities of finished, semi-finished and raw materials. Contact us

  • Initialization & Expansion

    Medical Device Manufacturer - Optimizing the Supply Chain

    Dissolve data silos, achieve transparency, deploy employees in a value-adding manner: These goals led to the decision to introduce Process Mining. adesso supported the implementation of Celonis in the processes Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay/Material Requirements Planning and Production. The result is a transparent supply chain which is optimized and automated in a targeted manner. Contact us

  • Exploration

    Schott - Value Assessment

    With the aim of evaluating the potential of Celonis for Schott, adesso conducted a value assessment. In joint workshops with five business units of Schott, 21 relevant use cases were identified, evaluated according to added value, effort, risk, data availability and prioritized. The result is a roadmap including concrete recommendations for the use of Celonis. Contact us

Industry-independent success

Process Mining with adesso

Today, process mining is used in all industries. Whether in healthcare, banking and insurance, transport and logistics, telecommunications, the energy sector or administration, process mining can be used to optimise business processes, reduce costs, identify compliance risks, increase customer satisfaction and achieve competitive advantages.

The required data is obtained from the respective databases, which essentially document the individual processing steps of certain business processes. Corresponding data - digital fingerprints - can be found in every IT system today. For example, ERP systems such as SAP, CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce and service management systems such as Atlassian Jira or ServiceNow contain large amounts of data that can be utilised.

We combine our process mining expertise with our more than 300 data & analytics specialists and the industry know-how of more than 10,000 adessi in over 15 sectors. We are technology agnostic and maintain our partnerships with Celonis (Gold Partner, February 2024), Signavio and mpm mehrwerk.

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