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One of the most exciting fields of artificial intelligence (AI) is computer vision. Numerous use cases offer high potential for optimising your business processes by analysing and processing images and videos in a smart way. Already today, image processing applications are revolutionising entire industries. Companies that recognise and exploit this potential earlier than others will be able to gain a major competitive edge.

In this overview, adesso presents the most promising use cases in individual industries that can be a game changer for your business processes and market position.

Retail is one of the industries that benefits most from computer vision applications. The solutions are numerous, diverse and clearly make a difference to customers and business processes.

Computer vision is able to take the customer experience in retail to the next level – for example, through the recognition of facial expressions and emotions, through automatic notifications of staff to replenish empty shelves or even through personalised customer greetings. The revolutionary solutions also include the ‘try-before-you-buy’ service, which makes it possible to virtually ‘place’ furniture in a room or to ‘try on’ shoes and cosmetics via the smartphone camera. In addition, desired products can be found by means of reverse image searching. Optimised product matching and AI-generated recommendations ensure individual style advice.

Real-time analysis of videos from surveillance cameras can also help to attain a higher level of security: Thus, modern computer vision applications can not only quickly identify criminals or people making a run for it and trigger a corresponding alarm, but they can also detect customers with suspicious behaviour at an early stage through motion analysis. This results in rapid theft detection or even makes it possible completely prevent theft by being alerted in a timely manner. Security staff are automatically informed to resolve the respective situation quickly and discreetly.

With the help of computer vision, time-consuming diagnostic activities can be automated so that specialists can concentrate on devising treatment plans and communicating with patients. The applications provide diagnostic aids in areas such as radiology, oncology, cardiology and dermatology, facilitate laboratory tests and assist with surgery and physiotherapy. Benefits include early disease detection, more accurate measurements, increased efficiency, image interactivity and 3D visualisations, as well as automatic report generation based on extracted data. In addition, computer vision can be used to make diagnoses in places where there is a shortage of specialists, such as poorer countries and smaller cities around the world.

With the help of modern computer vision applications, agriculture can also be made more efficient, resource saving and environmentally friendly. In arable farming, for example, remote sensing is used to create application maps from satellite images, which are used for the targeted application of fertiliser. During the harvest, farmers are actively supported by their combine harvesters, which automatically detect the grain size and optimise the machine settings accordingly.

In livestock farming, computer vision applications can be used to automatically count and track livestock. In this way, herd behaviour can be monitored, allowing farmers to respond to any deviations from the norm at an early stage. In the barn, the health status of animals can be determined by analysing their posture.

Lengthy and paper-heavy procedures still exist in the insurance industry today. Filing a claim can be a tedious process for both insurers and their customers, and the former also have to constantly keep an eye out for and identify fraud attempts. Through modern computer vision applications, we can not only simplify compensation processes, but also accelerate them tremendously. With digital claims management, users submit their claims fully digitally, for example by uploading photos of a damaged vehicle. The application can identify the extent of the damage on the images and determine the costs required for repair. Such a solution leads to lower processing costs, more accurate estimates and higher customer satisfaction.

Sport is an important part of our culture. But while practically every major league match is televised, camera crews are rarely found when local teams face off. This is where computer vision enters the picture. With systems that control cameras fully automatically, any match can be streamed effortlessly on the Internet. Learn more in our use case for

In addition, it is possible to analyse matches with more precision, evaluate referee decisions and measure player performance. For coaches, this represents a highly valuable advantage. Of course, this application can not only be applied to football, but to any sport.

All use cases at a glance:

  • Smile-to-pay
  • Biometric authentication
  • Increased ATM security via motion analysis
  • Extraction of information from paper-based documents using OCR
  • Cardless transactions (authorisation via fingerprint/face/iris)
  • Diagnostic and treatment advice
  • Real-time estimation of human posture for patient care, physiotherapy and fitness
  • Operating theatre assistance and instrument tracking
  • Contactless attendance system for employees
  • Cell counting for laboratory tests
  • Interactive 3D visualisation
  • Shop security and loss prevention
  • Inventory management
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Try-before-you-buy (virtual fitting)
  • Detection of shelf status and need for restocking
  • Brand visibility analysis
  • Multi-object recognition for social media
  • Product matching and recommendations
  • Customised visual search tools
  • Reverse image search
  • Defect detection and quality control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Stock management
  • Packaging control
  • Control of production standards and worker safety
  • Visual soil analysis
  • Counting and tracking livestock
  • Yield and maturity estimation before harvesting
  • Detection of plant diseases in early stages
  • Weed detection for targeted spraying of herbicides
  • Claims processing and evaluation
  • Real estate analysis and evaluation
  • Detection of fire/unattended objects/violence/vandalism
  • Biometric security systems
  • Natural disaster early warning
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Crowd and space capacity analysis for public places
  • Automatic generation of video descriptions
  • Mask recognition during a pandemic
  • Checking the observation of social distancing rules
  • Satellite image analysis for companies
  • Detection of prohibited articles at customs
  • Analysis of lost luggage, owner assignment
  • Pet face detection

Even though computer vision is already delivering impressive results and helping numerous companies across industries to improve their competitive position in the market and stand out from the competition, there are often individual challenges that need to be overcome for a project to be successful:

  • Lack of quality data for training algorithms
  • Concerns about system security (for example, authentication and monitoring)
  • Image manipulations that can lead to false results
  • Huge amounts of visual data require cloud storage and computing power
  • Data protection provisions when processing image and user information
  • Ethical issues that are particularly relevant for public authorities

Our consultants have in-depth experience in this area and know how to solve these challenges so that your company can effectively tap into the advantages of modern computer vision applications and avoid possible pitfalls.

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