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The right level of agility

Customised solutions for every project phase

adesso focuses on implementing digital strategies and software solutions in a way that is agile, fast, efficient and sustainable. Rather than understanding agility as the technical implementation of agile frameworks, such as Scrum or SAFe, we understand it primarily as the organisational and cultural ability to adapt. We are able to implement agile approaches in every stage of the project – from conception to implementation, all the way to follow-up.

With our team of experts, we support our customers in developing customised solution concepts that are specifically tailored to their needs. As we do, our focus is always on the success of our customer’s project.

adesso therefore offers a holistic solution for every stage of the digital transformation process – from strategic orientation analysis to conceptualisation, all the way to implementation and result optimisation. As an agile partner, we guide you along the entire path of your digital transformation and provide you with support as you implement your plans.

An overview of our services

Introducing scaled agile methods

Whether SAFe, Scrum of Scrums, Nexus or LeSS, our agile specialists are able to choose from very different scaling frameworks to suit the individual setting at hand. Our focus when selecting these frameworks is on the holistic concept of an agile mindset. When choosing the right method, it is important to us to consider value streams within the context of sustainability. We analyse your exact needs and assist you in implementing and adapting methods.

Determining your level of agilisation

We use tried-and-tested methods to measure the degree of agilisation at the company or organisational level and hold workshops to identify the current state of agility. Potentials for improvement and adjustments for attaining a higher degree of agility can be derived from these results and implemented. These can be a measurement of the IT landscape’s maturity, an assessment of the current state of business agility or the overall perspective of the flexibility of the organisational structure and the ability to quickly react to market changes.

We offer you the right expertise for every agile role – from developer to product owner

Our experienced employees help you get started with the agile approach and assist you in optimising existing structures. Well-coordinated cross-functional teams help you implement your digitalisation strategy. We reliably bring your products to market and further develop them in a targeted manner. Our strength in the course of this is our ability to adapt to existing processes and process models.

The right contact persons for your individual situation

At adesso, you will find experienced contacts and implementers in every area of agile product management. Our certified product owners and requirements engineers bring agile practices, such as product roadmaps, user story mapping and design thinking, to life – tailored to your individual situation. This enables us to work with you to develop and implement an effective product strategy. In the process, we rely on the power of visualisation to encourage communication with the team and stakeholders.

Direct consulting in staffing, training and coaching

We prepare your employees for their potential roles (such as product owner, scrum master or manager) in the agile work environment – and provide certification upon completion if desired. By providing direct consultation for staffing, training and coaching, we lead your teams to success in every phase of your agile transition. In these consultations, we address your individual framework conditions. Your managers in particular benefit from our systemic coaching approach as regards dealing with the complex requirements of an agile system. This means that employees can be motivated in an even more targeted manner.

The basis for a dynamic and robust organisation

Companies have to deal with constant changes and adjustments in market dynamics on a daily basis. By implementing agile forms of work and organisation, we enhance your company’s innovative ability. We provide support for your transformation towards more self-organisation and an understanding of leadership that puts people at the centre. We use our methodical knowledge and our approach to change management to create the basis for dynamically robust organisation.

Case Studie

adesso supports the BMW Group in the implementation and further development of agile working methods.

The BMW Group is striving to agilise the entire corporate and management culture. The use of agile methods is not only limited to software projects, but also extends to the areas of procurement, development, logistics, production, sales and human resources. adesso is proud to be able to accompany the BMW Group on its path of agile transformation as a partner.

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The right tools and models for your project

Agile pricing model adVANTAGE

With adVANTAGE adesso has developed an agile, value-oriented price model which combines flexibility in requirements management with a price and warranty assumption. adVANTAGE is the reliably calculable and transparent solution for companies which want to realise software projects on the basis of the greatest possible budget adherence and without complete specification. With adVANTAGE, you get what you really need: lean, customised software in whose development process you keep track of progress, performance and development costs.

Interaction Room

The Interaction Room perfectly complements agile models. In scenarios when those involved in a project are not embarking on a long, formal specification phase, it is all the more important that all of the relevant aspects of the project are discussed. By updating the cost forecasts and constantly tracking the budget, perhaps by using value annotations, agility is tamed. The Interaction Room provides you with an organisational structure for communication that is designed to be flexible and open.

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Tamed agility

For companies, agility in its purest form is more of a theoretical construct than a real-life approach. In day-to-day operations, a balance must always be struck between the benefits of agile software development and the need for planning certainty. It is therefore necessary to combine the benefits of agile software development with planning certainty. Agility must be tamed.

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Our blog posts on agility

Agile working is currently shaping change in the working world. Originally from software development, more and more companies are using this approach. Whether about software projects, the agile manifesto or our employees' own experiences - in our blog you will find a wide range of articles on the topic of agility.

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