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Rising demand for electricity: adesso offers digital grid connection portal

From the charging of electric cars to the use of heat pumps and the operation of photovoltaic systems, the number and frequency of processes that require a substantial amount of electricity is constantly on the rise. The result is an increased demand for grid connections and connection changes in private households and at businesses. Operators of energy supply networks are reaching their limits in terms of staffing and are finding it difficult to meet the high demand. Through digital application management for grid connection requests, adesso provides grid operators with a modular solution that makes it possible to keep records of applications and process them quickly while conserving resources.

Demand for electric cars is high. In July 2023, a little under 49,000 vehicles with electronic drives were newly registered, representing an increase of 69 % year on year. As a result, households also need more electricity to charge their electric cars. The same applies when it comes to the rising number of heat pumps. Here, too, additional connections are unavoidable. Meanwhile, at-home solar balcony systems from DIY stores are flooding the market. All these new connections and extensions have to be registered with the grid operator. Until now, this registration has often been done by post or through the installer. Thanks to adesso’s digital grid connection portal, consumers can now provide their applications and documents digitally for review by staff at the energy provider’s office. The portal automatically generates and sends status reports about the progress of the process to the applicant, eliminating the need to contact a customer service representative by phone or e-mail for updates.

Electricity grid operators must also provide a digital channel for requesting grid connections on their website by 1 January 2024 in order to comply with Section 14e of the German Energy Industry Act and Section 8 of the German Renewable Energy Act. adesso offers three ways to set up and manage grid connection portals. The “smart start” option enables grid operators to meet the legal requirements within days. The “advanced” option offers the digital application process across all media, even for temporary connections. The highest level, “pro”, makes it possible to also use commercial installations, an installer directory and the transfer of processes to any downstream backend systems.

Grid operators can meet their needs precisely by upgrading to a higher service level. The system’s visual design and user experience meet the latest standards. End-to-end modelling of the internal procedures for managing the grid connection process with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is possible if S/4HANA is used as the ERP system in the backend. The grid connection portal can also be offered with any other ERP provider in addition to SAP.

Sascha Reif, Senior Account Manager at adesso, looks forward to actively supporting companies in the energy sector: “Our grid connection portal is a win-win solution for everyone involved. The ease of use and the guided process save consumers time and effort and offer them maximum convenience during the process. In turn, grid operators conserve resources thanks to a highly optimised process and fewer support requests. That improves customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty.”

The grid connection portal is now available in different variations. More information and contacts can be found at

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