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Optimised business processes through language technology: Retresco and adesso embark on strategic partnership

Retresco, a Berlin-based company, and IT service provider adesso, which is headquartered in Dortmund, have embarked on a strategic partnership in which they will be leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to advance language-based processes in corporate settings.

Retresco began developing solutions for automated generation of natural language texts in 2008. The company’s cross-industry solutions make it possible to automate the processes, some quite intricate and time-consuming, by which data are transformed into understandable texts. Language and text are often essential, playing a crucial role across almost all of a company’s processes – from the ideal way to present product ranges in an online shop to personalised communication in customer service for an e-commerce platform or knowledge transfer through reporting to stakeholders at an industrial firm.

“While Retresco offers the technology that companies can use to automate their language-based processes, thereby enabling centralised control and management of rigorous and scalable communications, adesso has outstanding expertise in the provision of IT services in various industries. That means our two companies’ services are a perfect fit for each other,” says Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, explaining the key value added by the partnership.

Benedikt Bonnmann, Head of the Data & Analytics division at adesso, adds: “By working with Retresco, we are further expanding our diverse range of services in the area of data and AI. We hope this partnership will bring significant added value for our customers. Especially when it comes to using language technologies, our customers are increasingly recognising the advantages of giving more context to pure corporate data in order to streamline internal processes, tap into new business models, and be able to offer better services.”

Through the partnership, Retresco and adesso will support companies from all industries in optimising core business processes through targeted use of modern language technology.

Benedikt Bonnmann heads the Data & Analytics division at adesso: “By working with Retresco, we are further expanding our offering in the area of data and AI and providing added value to our customers.” (Copyright: adesso)

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