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Dortmund/Augsburg | innovation optimises the sampling process in the automotive industry is the name of the latest innovation in the automotive and manufacturing industry to advance digitalisation in the sector. Within the scope of a joint project between adesso and logsolut, a platform is currently being created that will digitalise the sampling of components along the entire supply chain. The first pilot projects with lead-ing German automobile manufacturers and suppliers are already underway or in preparation.

Mercedes-Benz was the first automobile manufacturer in Germany to make use of the new product. Mercedes-Benz Cars is already implementing in successful pilot projects, to enable its suppliers and test laboratories to simplify the materials sampling of vehicle parts. digitalises all data relating to the sampling process and provides it in a standardised format on a cross-OEM internet platform. This allows all parties involved in the process – from manufacturers and suppliers to the numerous test laboratories – to access the data. The clear advantage being that all participants in the supply chain have centralised digital access to all of the sampling-related data, such as digital standards, material information, test plans and test results. In addition, the system offers the possibility of automated creation of test plans based on the CAD data of the automobile manufacturer. platform launches in summer 2021

Bernd Löhle, founder and CEO of logsolut AG, has worked in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. He conceived the idea for Last year, he was able to get IT service provider adesso on board as a development partner for his concept. With their joint industry and IT expertise, the two companies will complete the final version of the platform, replete with all its features, and make it available to the automotive industry. The first pilot projects, such as the one running at Mercedes-Benz, are already underway.

Stefan Hussmann heads the Automotive division at adesso. (Copyright private)

adesso: shareholder of owner logsolut

Within the scope of the IT partnership brokered by Transforce Partners, adesso has also acquired a 30% stake in logsolut AG. The objective is to offer adesso customers in the automo-tive and manufacturing industry this attractive service as a standard feature of the portfolio as soon as possible. CEO Löhle outlines the advantages of the new service: “ is a milestone for the manufacturing companies because the platform simplifies the complex process of material sampling and ensures transparency, clarity and efficiency across global supply chains.”

Currently, automobile manufacturers source 80% of their vehicle parts from global supply chains, with some 80% of suppliers working for all major manufacturers. However, only those components and materials that have successfully passed the sampling process can be installed in new production vehicles. Bernd Löhle explains: “If we take digitalisation out of the equation, the approval process in component sampling is still highly inefficient and costly. That is precisely why digitalisation of the process on a central platform will benefit the supply chain enormously in terms of quality, effort and process speed.” In future, many manual activities can be eliminated and everyone involved in material sampling will be able to work together on the same database. central platform for component test results

The new online platform will also support the supplier industry in the selection of laboratories. Suitable laboratories can be searched for and commissioned directly via the platform. The digital test plan will even be transmitted directly to the laboratory, with the platform ensuring tamper-proof recording of the results. immediately compares each digitally recorded test result with the specified values. This provides suppliers with a clear overview of all information on the inspection status at all times. Once all tests have been carried out, the test results from across the entire supply chain are then available to suppliers and manufacturers in a centralised location.

Stefan Hussmann, head of Automotive and Transportation at adesso, assesses the significance of the development: “ is an eye-opener and a wake-up call for material sampling in the industry. We are linking manufacturers, suppliers, subsuppliers and test laboratories in a unique and very efficient way and are creating significant added value for all sides. Connected companies thereby secure competitive advantages for their production processes.” is expected to be ready for market and roll out by August 2021.

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