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Generation Z: Who are they, and what characterises them?

Generation Z (Gen Z) includes those who were born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This young generation has grown up in a world shaped by constant networking and the immediate availability of information. Social media, smartphones and digital devices are omnipresent and have greatly influenced the lives of Gen Z. This has led to it often being described as the most diversified and inclusive generation ever.

But what does this have to do with playing the lottery? There have been some interesting findings about how Generation Z views playing the lottery and what their attitudes are towards doing it.

Generations in transition

Earlier generations tend to show more interest in traditional media, such as television and newspapers. The younger generation, in contrast, increasingly prefers online content and social media. There was also a greater focus on conventional career paths in the past, whereas in comparison, the current generation focuses more on flexibility and sets new priorities, such as the newly defined life-work balance. On top of that, earlier generations tended to be more conservative on social and political issues. The younger generation, in contrast, is more committed to social justice and environmental protection.

So not only has media use and the understanding of work and social engagement changed over the generations, but so has playing the lottery. In the past, it was more common to visit lottery retailer outlets or watch draws on TV, with the motivation being mainly the chance of winning big.

Gen Z has taken the motivation to play to a new level. In a world of change and innovation, young people crave rewards, challenges and social interactions that carry them off to exciting virtual worlds. Rankings are their measure of success, and the opportunity to acquire virtual goods drives their passion to play. Welcome to the era of gamification! In it, fun and rewards to be obtained have become an indispensable part of gaming. Gen Z shows us that appropriate motivations to play not only increase the fun factor, but also satiate the desire for ever new experiences and social solidarity. Traditional lotteries with simple game mechanics and low chances of winning are therefore less attractive to the younger generation.

Why Gen Z is more sceptical about playing the lottery

One of the main reasons why young people’s interest in playing the lottery has declined is the expectation that the chances of winning are too low. More than a quarter of them also say that they would prefer to spend their money in other ways – for example by giving it to charity. One fifth is deterred by the financial aspect. This constitutes the third largest factor. So it seems that Gen Z is more financially cautious than the generations before them and that they prefer to spend their money on things that mean more to them and bring them fulfilment.

Another important finding is that Gen Z is more critical of the lottery industry than previous generations. This could be due to the fact that they have grown up in a world where technology and total connectivity have made it easier to access information than ever before. As a result, this generation is more likely to research the opportunities and risks of playing the lottery before deciding to participate.

How the lottery industry can reach the younger generation

So how do you encourage Gen Z to play the lottery? One way to do this is to more concertedly link playing the lottery to experiences instead of focusing solely on the prize. It could also be helpful to design lotto games to be even more fun and align them with young people’s predilection for video games. Interactivity and immediate feedback increase the fun factor and guarantee a special, enjoyable gaming experience. Fennica Gaming, for example, has precisely this in mind and is developing eInstants that meet the requirements of the new generation.

Furthermore, Generation Z is relying on online content and social media more and more. This type of communication channel has a much wider reach and allows the lottery industry to target a wider audience. Instead of relying on traditional media, lotteries should increasingly use digital marketing strategies. Almost three times as many younger lottery players, compared to older players, have used Instagram in the last month, and they are more than six times as likely to have used Snapchat.

Another important factor for getting young people excited about playing the lottery is themed influencer marketing. This is where adesso’s subsidiary Reachbird Solutions GmbH comes into play, which specialises in influencer marketing and specifically selects influencers who fit the target group. Together with Reachbird, lotteries can present their charitable projects and initiatives and thus raise awareness for the positive impact that playing the lottery has on society.

In order to gain the trust of Generation Z, it is important to focus on complete transparency and authenticity – even in the lottery industry. One example is the electronic draw system (EDS) adessoDraws, which functions with complete transparency and thus strengthens players’ trust in the fairness of the draw. This is because younger people in particular attach great importance to the credibility of brands and products and are increasingly sceptical about conventional institutions and companies. By relying on such innovative and trust-building measures, lottery operators can win Gen Z’s interest and trust and thereby be successful in the long run.

Betting on happiness: why the lottery will continue to win in future

Despite Gen Z’s scepticism towards traditional lotteries, it is to be expected that playing the lottery will remain an integral part of our lives. The lottery industry is constantly evolving and flexibly adapting to the needs of younger generations by bolstering its use of digital channels and modernising traditional lottery play through innovative online platforms and mobile applications.

Lotteries already offer special games and promotions that are tailored to younger generations’ interests in order to make playing the lottery even more attractive in the long term. In doing so, they also rely on experienced and accomplished partners such as adesso, who share their visions or point out new paths and thus actively support them in implementation.

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Isa Altemeier is an experienced office clerk and works at adesso as a sales assistant in the lottery line of business. With her organisational skills and strong communication skills she supports the team in an optimal way. Over the past few years, she has gained valuable experience as an assistant and member of the reception team at adesso's headquarters in Dortmund.

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