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Or: What can the metaverse offer consumers in the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is facing a significant challenge in combining offline and digital experiences to create a seamless customer journey. A recent adesso Digital Commerce study reveals that 58 per cent of consumers want this to be a reality. The buzzword “metaverse” has emerged as a potential solution to this challenge.

The customer journey in the automotive industry typically follows the classic AIDA model. The initials stand for the terms Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The model consists of three main phases and describes how advertising can affect consumers’ buying decisions. With the help of the model, sales processes can be sustainably optimised.

But can the metaverse be the answer the industry is seeking? Let’s explore the potential applications of the metaverse in the automotive industry and see how it could revolutionise the customer experience.

Customer Journey in the automotive sector

The early applications of the metaverse in the automotive industry have demonstrated its potential as a powerful tool to raise awareness and engage with customers at the consideration stage. This can help a brand to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Fiat has taken advantage of this opportunity by opening a virtual showroom for its brand-new 500 La Prima by Bocelli within the metaverse. Customers can not only explore the car, but also customise and purchase it through a fully immersive end-to-end sales experience that includes a virtual test drive and checkout.

Other car manufacturers are following suit and providing potential customers with shared immersive experiences and the chance to virtually witness the launch of new models.

However, the metaverse is not limited to just the early stages of the customer journey. It has the potential to be applied in later stages as well, revolutionising the overall customer experience.

The metaverse presents exciting new opportunities for enhancing the car ownership experience and improving customer retention. One example is the potential for virtual vehicle inspections, where advanced 3D scanning technology can assess the condition of a vehicle and help diagnose and plan repairs.

A sustainable and engaging entertainment alternative

Additionally, the metaverse has the potential to revolutionise in-car entertainment. Vehicles could use augmented or virtual reality to provide interactive and engaging content such as games, movies, or other experiences that passengers can share while interacting in the digital world. This has the potential to make long car trips, especially with children, more enjoyable.

The metaverse could also introduce the concept of a “virtual co-pilot”, leveraging AI and voice recognition technologies to provide driving assistance and navigation, as well as serve as a personal assistant for information and recommendations on traffic conditions, entertainment options, and more. As the metaverse continues to evolve, the potential applications within the automotive industry are becoming increasingly clear. One area where this cutting-edge technology is making an impact is in the realm of motorsports.

Traditionally viewed as an unsustainable form of entertainment, the metaverse is providing a new, more environmentally friendly way for fans to participate in and experience the thrill of virtual races and competitions. This not only offers a unique and engaging experience for motorsports enthusiasts, it also presents a new platform for manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to showcase their vehicles and technologies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of the metaverse in the automotive industry. As new and advanced technologies become available, the opportunities for creating innovative and beneficial solutions for both companies and consumers will only continue to expand.

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Author Xenia Wigandt

Xenia Wigandt is Sales Marketing Manager at adesso.

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