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There is no way around the topic of data when it comes to the strategic focus of a company. But how can you ensure that the transition to becoming a data-driven organisation succeeds? And how does your company create a cogent strategy out of a mess of data? The first step is to clearly define the current situation at your organisation. As part of an accompanying workshop, adesso’s data maturity check helps you assess where your company stands at the moment and how you can best tap the potential of your data. After all, data is not a valuable resource unless it is managed correctly, analysed intelligently and integrated into specific use cases.

What added value does the data maturity check deliver?

The results from our multidimensional model will show you where your company stands at the moment and what level of maturity your organisation has in relation to data. Working from there, we team up with you to define your potential target capabilities and develop possible use cases.

The data maturity check provides a clear overview of your maturity level. As part of the process...

  • you sort and structure your data and analytics-related topics.
  • you develop a common understanding of data.
  • you prioritise measures.
  • you receive a progress monitoring report used to optimise your data strategy.
  • you derive next best actions for quick initial successes.

The first step is always the hardest. But with the data maturity check, we make it easy for you to make the shift to becoming a data-driven organisation. You can look forward to many things, including a transparent data landscape, a clear division of responsibilities in data processes and, ultimately, new, data-driven fields of business.
Louisa Burakowski l Team Lead Data & Analytics Business Engineering l adesso SE

How does the data maturity check work?

The centrepiece of the data maturity check is the reference maturity model, which measures your maturity level along four dimensions based on a four-tiered scale. We work with you to determine your target capabilities based on the current situation at your company.

The four dimensions


We examine the strategic orientation of your organisation as this relates to data, with the primary focus on your data strategy, your business model, how data is handled as a strategic resource and data leadership. The main focal points are vision, employee empowerment, data-driven decision-making and strategic data resources.

Organisation and culture

This dimension examines the organisational focus on your company with regard to data, primarily in relation to the organisational structures, data culture, data expertise and data governance. The main focal points are your data management team, best practices and standards, training programmes, data ownership and data governance roles.


This concerns the alignment of processes at your organisation in relation to data. The effectiveness and efficiency of the strategic processes, the data product life cycle and the data governance processes are all evaluated in this step. The main focal points are change management, the onboarding of new technologies, the development of data products, data quality and authorisation management.

Architecture and tools

The technological focus of your organisation with regards to data is explored in this dimension. At its core, this relates to the technological infrastructure used to process data as well as to tools. The main focal points are data analysis and democratisation, automation and standardisation, data streaming, the analytical workplace and data governance tools.

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Take part in a one- to two-day workshop to find out where there are weaknesses in your data maturity, identify risks and areas where your company can improve early on and adopt targeted measures to hone your data strategy.

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