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Migrating data using a revision-safe method

Efficient data migration based on the latest technology

The efficient and revision-safe solution for your migration projects

Many companies still work with outdated systems and databases, which are an obstacle on their journey to digital transformation and do not meet the new professional and technical requirements.

A smooth data migration from the old to the new system environment should only be carried out by means of a tried-and-tested migration process – ideally one that is certified by auditors.

adesso guarantees the efficient and smooth handling of technically complex migration projects with its MIGSuite solution. Our experts also take care of backing up your data, transforming it for the new system environment and migrating it to the target system – all while your employees carry out their work as usual.

Technically complex data migrations based on the latest technologies

MIGSuite is based on Java technologies – making it operating system independent – and can be integrated into your IT landscape or the cloud as desired. Only after the migration is complete do you switch to the new system, which means that you don’t need to worry about data loss.

MIGSuite is continuously being further developed so that it is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Your advantages

Migrating your data to your new system is easy with MIGSuite, as our solution offers you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility allows for a complete migration to be implemented at a single point in time (big bang) as well as a step-by-step migration strategy.
  • Cost minimisation is achieved through the efficient and careful migration of data to the new system environment, allowing old and expensive technologies to be replaced more quickly.
  • Its operational performance ensures simple expansion in line with your wishes based on Java technologies.
  • Revision-safe archiving plays an important role in MIGSuite – the migration process was certified by auditors according to the IDW PS 880 standard.
  • Resources can be saved thanks to clear and comprehensible planning of the migration project.
  • MIGPool is the archive solution for the long-term display of historical data.
  • No matter what the sector – MIGSuite is optimised for technically complex data migrations. The sector and technology are irrelevant for mainframe/host replacement or migrations to the cloud, for example.

What we can offer you

Our quick check questionnaire allows us to gain a complete overview of your scenario and compare it with an ‘optimal’ data migration. With the aid of our many years of experience, we develop the right migration strategy for your project together with you.

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