Digitalisation of the underwriting process

Combining and analysing information for faster decision making

Reducing risk by improving risk management

The age of increasing digitalisation is forcing companies to rethink their established solutions and concepts and update them, so as to enable them to continue to grow. Thanks to modern technology, there are promising options for increasing efficiency, especially in the area of underwriting.

The extensive range of tasks in reinsurance underwriting requires an underwriter to be able to integrate and analyse all of the available information sources quickly in order to be able to provide the necessary data at the click of a button, depending on the situation.

Examples of required data, which adesso can help you consolidate successfully, include:

  • Market analyses (for example, the threat analysis or analysis of targeted customer relationships as well as competitors)
  • Determinations of accumulations and what impact they have in the event of a claim
  • Evaluations of technologies and divisions
  • Objective and subjective underwriting in tele-underwriting
  • Provision of risk manuals for medicine and technology
  • Detection of unwanted risks in wordings
  • Current contract portfolio and claims history

We help you to assess and minimise risks in underwriting with a pioneering solution that is not only geared towards your future requirements at both a professional and technical level, but also reacts flexibly to process adjustments.

What we offer

We would be happy to offer you a workshop in which we show you how your digital future might look and work together with you to develop your underwriting processes to fit your company going forward. Our standard workshop programme contains:

  • An introduction to the digital processes involved in underwriting
  • An analysis of your current processes
  • The identification and visualisation of where you need digital support
  • The development of a common vision

Our experts work closely with you to determine how the digital transformation can be implemented in your underwriting processes. We design, implement and realise the solution in coordination with your IT strategy so that your new digital age is state of the art.

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.


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