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Obtaining electronic advertising consent

Insurance companies often have to resort to paper, even when dealing with digitally savvy customers

Why do most letters from insurance companies still come in the post? Why are customers not notified digitally via e-mail or in the customer portal?

The big problem for insurers is that the majority of customers have not given them electronic advertising consent, which means they are not allowed to contact them digitally.

Whereas historically contact was made exclusively in person by talking to the broker and agent, today we recognise the necessity to add the digital channel to the communication mix. It is also only in recent years that insurers found that the contact frequency has a significant impact on customer satisfaction – but this level of contact cannot be achieved by the consultant alone. In this context, modern customer experience architectures enable automated journeys by interlinking CRM with the customer data hub.

Electronic advertising consent is the key to all these activities.

This applies to the whole range of communication scenarios, be it online contract conclusions, requests for quotations or appointments with the agent. Electronic advertising consent is the key to all these activities.

So how does the insurer (or agent/broker) obtain electronic advertising consent from the customer – and, more importantly, how can this be done automatically without putting a massive burden on call centres or staffed sales departments?

adesso experience develops solutions for automated customer journeys in the insurance industry as well as for banks, which generate electronic advertising consents (EAC), consents to data protection statements as well as registrations for apps and portals on a large scale.

Here adesso delivers

  • professional competence in developing customer journeys
  • creative competence in media and personalised design
  • as well as technological competence in automation and processing

What we can offer you

In a one-day workshop, we sit down with you to define which customer journeys from our existing portfolio fit your objectives as well as your organisational and technical landscape. This allows us to develop your permission roadmap and adapt our solutions to your company’s needs. In the further course of the project, we assist you with planning, designing and implementing the personalised customer journals. We are your partner for obtaining permissions and registrations, for obtaining current e-mail and mobile phone numbers as well as for increasing the conversion rate of your current activities.

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