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Life insurance in transition: overcoming challenges and using opportunities

More than 10 years ago, adesso insurance solutions, as a subsidiary of adesso, launched a holistic software solution for managing life insurance policy contracts. A lot has happened since then, especially in the market for life insurance products – and not just as a result of continuously developing software to meet customer requirements.

Thanks to an attractive guaranteed interest rate, life insurance was the most popular private pension scheme in Germany for decades. Due to the continuing low-interest phase on the capital market and rising distribution costs for insurers, new contracts appear far less profitable these days than, for example, investing in real estate. Additional challenges facing providers include the change in demographics as well as the increase in regulatory requirements, such as the guidelines resulting from ESG criteria. In order to continue attracting new customers to their portfolios, life insurance providers have to cut costs.

Life insurance business model

The life insurance industry is in a state of flux: growth has been stagnating for several years, the market is consolidating and life insurance is driven by new challenges from year to year. Has the ‘life insurance’ business model had its day, or are there promising approaches for continuing to operate profitably?

Our current study ‘The life insurance business model 2025–2030 – A European Perspective’ addresses these and other questions.

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in|sure PSLife: The holistic software solution for life insurance providers

in|sure PSLife is a flexible, customisable system with efficient product modelling tools that utilises a high-performance actuarial approach. It was awarded the XCelent Technology Award for technical innovation and consistent use of modern Java technology, making it a leader in software solutions for life insurance providers.

The solution’s added values

  • Development of innovative products with flexible payment, performance and interest rates based on the Markov model
  • Simple product modelling for products, the main contracting party of which is subject to change
  • Provision of all business transactions performed within the contract lifecycle for all sample products (all three pension layers, occupational disability, risk and so on) in customisable form in the sample content
  • Final claims processing as well as consistent retroactive changes in the future
  • Adaptable interfaces for all peripheral systems
  • Guided workflow for processing claims via the user interface
  • High automation rate and dark processing for all business transactions
  • Migration tools and mapping of outdated premiums without deviations

Thanks to its modern architecture and long-term product strategy, in|sure PSLife is an IT system that steps away from the usual system ageing process and thus offers security for both the future and for investments. We keep an eye on necessary adjustments – for example, due to regulatory changes, new market requirements and process optimisations – and reliably implement them.

What we offer

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