Green insurance in the property industry

Green insurance in the property industry

With ZeroC to climate-neutral properties

The sustainable building stock of tomorrow

Almost 40 per cent of emissions that harm the environment come from the property industry. The German Federal Government’s targets to reduce emissions by 65 per cent by 2030 and reduce them to zero per cent by 2045, as well as rising energy prices, lead to acute pressure to act. There are already a number of regulatory foundations these days that force companies and building operators to operate more sustainably – for example, the German Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz, GEG) or the ESG report. A large number of other laws will come into force in the next few years.

Developing a sustainability strategy, decarbonising the property industry and using renewable energies to preserve the value of properties in the long term are current challenges facing forward-looking insurance companies. adesso has been aware of the relevance and complexity of this topic for years. Accordingly, adesso employees founded the company urban energy GmbH back in 2019. urban energy prepares you to take advantage of current challenges in the market and make your company a pioneer for a green property industry.

Paul Dittrich, founder and CEO of urban energy is convinced of this:

>> The property industry plays a crucial role in the insurance industry. Stranded asset risk and ESG reporting have become important industry benchmarks in recent years. This is where we come in with our ZeroC solution. Our goal is to make properties sustainable and thus minimise risks.

Climate neutral – but how? urban energy aids you on your journey to climate neutrality using these five steps:

  • 1. Data integration – data is collected via manual entry or by connecting live data.
  • 2. Digital twin – a digital image of the actual building stock is created using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • 3. Reporting – external and internal reports are generated for employees, tenants and government institutions in accordance with applicable norms and standards.
  • 4. Simulation – new buildings and districts are simulated to enable sustainable planning and energy-efficient management from the outset.
  • 5. Road Map Net Zero – an action plan for existing buildings and districts is created in order to preserve value and meet emissions targets.

What we offer

We assist you in making your building stock verifiably sustainable and in minimising risks.

Benefit from partners with experience in the IT, property and energy sectors. In a live demo, we can digitally map your building stock, show you your CO2 emissions and perform a consumption assessment in no time at all. We can then use this information in further steps to derive individual measures and show you their effects.

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