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Project management

Agile methods, waterfalls and fixed prices

It’s not about the principle...

... it’s about the method that suits you best

You don’t actually want project management. What you want is to finalise your software project on time and stick to your budget. You want to develop a solution that satisfies the requirements of your users. You want to work in an agile way that also facilitates reliable planning. You want to be guaranteed a fixed price, even though your requirements are not very detailed to begin with. You want to maintain an overview of your resources and budgets. And when it is finished, you want to be able to document every last penny of your successful project. We don’t sell you project methodologies. What you get with us is a successful project. The appropriate methods come at no extra cost!

We work together with you to develop the right methodology for your project. We don’t mind if it’s an agile approach or a waterfall model. We are not evangelists for the agile approach. Equally, we know that the waterfall model isn’t the only way of doing things. This is because we are convinced that every project really is different, so every project needs an individually tailored approach. We are just as convinced, however, that there are similarities between behaviour patterns and processes. This is why most of our approaches can be used in any project. We want your project to be a success. The methodology we use simply serves this one purpose. Nothing more and nothing less.

Pragmatic IT Project Management

The adesso model

Our Pragmatic IT Project Management (PITPM) at adesso offers customised and efficient solutions to successfully implement your IT projects in a targeted manner. With a focus on pragmatism, we rely on proven methods and optimised processes that take into account the specific requirements of your company.

Our approach includes:
  • Adaptation to the needs of the company: We know that every company has individual requirements. Our PITPM model flexibly adapts to your individual needs and processes.
  • Efficient process design: We optimise project processes to ensure that resources are used efficiently, schedules are met and results are achieved that meet your objectives.
  • Clear phase structuring: Our PITPM model divides projects into clear phases that enable an orderly sequence of activities and milestones. In this way, we always maintain an overview and steer the project in a goal-oriented manner.
  • Integrated templates and tools: We offer integrated templates and tools that facilitate structured implementation and increase your productivity. These proven templates are adapted to the requirements of PITPM.

With adesso's PITPM you can be sure that your IT projects are effectively planned, controlled and successfully completed. We rely on pragmatism to provide you with customised solutions and to steer your projects in the right direction.

Your formula for successful projects

Expertise in corporate culture, goals and effective project methodology

The corporate culture, the goals, the people involved, the service providers – if you want to successfully implement projects, there are numerous elements to consider. Although the project method you choose is just one element, it is an important element. It brings all the other elements together and guarantees that the whole project will develop in the direction you intended.

You should not need to spend your time studying concepts such as agility, Scrum, waterfall, fixed price, PMBOK® Guide, Prince2, expectation management, project controlling or team barometer and carving out the sections that are relevant for your project. Our experts have drawn up and implemented customised projects for numerous companies. When it comes to structuring your projects, you can rely on adesso’s wide-ranging expertise.

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