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Companies in the automotive sector need to remain on the ball and never lose focus in a world that is moving at breath-taking speeds where vast amounts of information are changing hands. Customer needs and expectations are changing by the minute. Car manufacturers must be able to implement ideas quickly and bring them to market in order to remain competitive in this cutthroat market. Time-to-market, or TTM for short, is critical in the product development process, and low-code applications can significantly reduce TTM in the automotive sector.

Greater efficiency through low-code

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Low-code allows you to develop apps faster and with greater agility

Low-code platforms offer a visual development environment and ready-made components that speed up the process of developing applications. Developers can use drag-and-drop tools and visual interfaces to create applications without having to do a lot of manual coding, which reduces development times considerably.

The use of low-code conserves resources, as less time and effort are required for conventional software development. Developers can focus on the core functionality and spend less time implementing basic functions, enabling more efficient use of development resources and speeding up the development process in general.

Low-code platforms offer the flexibility needed to quickly adapt applications to meet new requirements. Changes can be made with ease, since many low-code tools offer a modular, configurable architecture. This allows companies to react quickly to market demands and continuously improve their applications.

Low-code development environments promote collaboration between developers, experts and other stakeholders. And this allows non-technical team members to actively contribute because development is a visual process. It means that requirements can be understood and implemented quickly, resulting in a smooth, seamless development process and a reduction in the time required to bring the product to market.

Low-code platforms support iterative development methods such as agile and Scrum. The development process can be speeded up through the rapid development of prototypes and by taking feedback on board throughout the process.

Get started on your path to low-code development with adesso

The ‘Quick start for apps’ workshop gives you the tools you need to create an app using low-code technology in a single day and lets you test out this technology as you seek to reach your goals.

The workshop provides you with a full overview of low-code technology and a variety of development platforms. We work with you to build a working application on a selected platform and let you enjoy all the advantages available with low-code development, such as scalability and collaboration.

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