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Your Path to the Modern Data Platform

Data Evolution in Life Sciences

Many corporate data sets currently remain in isolated silos and are not being processed. However, these data sets hold significant value. At the same time, data technologies have advanced rapidly.

In medical technology, pharmaceutical, and laboratory companies, SAP is nearly ubiquitous as an ERP system. It's almost taken for granted that these companies also use SAP BW as their platform for data analysis. Yet, what was long considered the leading system for processing data from areas like controlling, finance, and production no longer meets today's requirements.

Today, innovative platforms like Microsoft Fabric or SAP Datasphere can extract valuable insights from corporate data—insights that were not possible with the architectures and technologies previously used.

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Your Data Can Do More

You can be confident that genuine data treasures are hidden within your area of responsibility. But where are these treasures located, and how can they be unearthed? From our experience, we know this depends on three factors:

  • The Right Use Cases: Evaluating use cases based on their return and impact on business success.
  • The Right Implementation: Starting the implementation based on the requirements of the use cases.
  • More than Technology: Adapting the organization, processes, and competencies within your company.

The fact is, your data only turns to gold through the right use cases.

With this in mind, we have created a practical whitepaper that provides answers to the questions of how you, as a Life Sciences company, can better utilize your data.

For example, where do the limits of BW systems and traditional platforms lie? And which use cases, which bring real added value to your company, become possible only with modern data platforms?

Your Path to the Modern Data Platform - Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Use Cases
  • The Role of the Modern Data Platform
  • Your Path to the Modern Data Platform
  • How Adesso Comes into Play
  • Summary and Conclusion

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